Innovate to Create Sustainable Value

At GOJO, our Purpose-driven commitment to sustainability powers us to innovate our well-being solutions and ways of working. With an understanding of our stakeholders’ requirements and aspirations for more sustainable solutions, we find creative ways to innovate to create Sustainable Value though our work. We deliver market-leading solutions that utilize the best available technologies, while addressing what matters most to our customers. Innovation is at the core of what we do.

As we envision new possibilities, we consistently ask ourselves “How Might We?” We seek to understand the latest science and thinking around sustainable materials, including chemistry and packaging. We continue to work to address our stakeholders’ evolving preferences for sustainable solutions and practices. One way we do this is through sourcing sustainable materials. This aligns with our approach to drive product improvements that deliver social, environmental and economic value, while fulfilling the market desire for effective products that promote human and environmental health.

Our innovative spirit has been at the foundation of our company since the beginning and continues to inspire us. This spirit is exemplified in the expansion of the PURELL® brand into new categories. In 2016, we introduced surface disinfectants and sanitizers, revolutionary solutions with no tradeoffs between safety and efficacy. In early 2017, we launched high-performing HEALTHY SOAP® products that leave hands healthier than regular soaps and are made with renewable ingredients.

We practice our Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOW) principle of Leading and Learning when we innovate, dedicating ourselves to leading our industry in sustainable practices and solutions, while continuously expanding our knowledge and commitment to find better ones.

PURELL Professional Surface Disinfectant


Obtaining Relevant Product Certifications

GOJO is proud to offer the world’s largest portfolio of third-party certified hand hygiene products. In talking with our customers and monitoring our sales, we see increasing interest in adopting third-party certified products to support customer sustainability objectives. Today, there is a growing expectation that our products deliver “human and environmental health benefits” in addition to our long-standing reputation for high performance, explains Nicole Koharik, GOJO Corporate Communications Director.

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Implementing Sustainable Chemistry

Amanda Copeland,
GOJO Product Development
Senior Scientist I

Implementing Sustainable Chemistry

Well-formulated products combined with effective hand hygiene helps decrease the spread of germs that can cause illness and infection. We formulate our products to help reduce the spread of germs, maintain and improve skin condition, be aesthetically pleasing, and meet our high standards for safety and sustainability.

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Sourcing Sustainable Materials

Daniel Davis
GOJO Maintenance Mechanic

Sourcing Sustainable Materials

To create solutions that bring well-being to people and the planet, we are adopting more sustainable materials for formulations and packaging; this includes avoiding materials known to be harmful to humans and the environment and maximizing the use of better alternatives. Beyond the materials we select, we evaluate where they are coming from and the impact from sourcing the materials. We also apply life cycle thinking and life cycle analysis, or LCA, metrics to guide decisions and continuously improve our product designs.

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