PURELL® Brand Online Community Guidelines

We’re glad you’ve joined us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. At GOJO, our Code of Ethical Business Conduct guides us in upholding our commitment to conduct business with honesty and integrity, which includes the activity on our social media channels. We’re looking forward to interacting with you and want to make sure we’re building a community where everyone can feel safe, encouraged, and heard.

Please read the following guidelines before jumping into the conversation. Posts that violate these terms are subject for removal, and users who are repeat violators are subject to being blocked from participating on our social media communities.

  • Be respectful. While you may differ in opinion, do not disparage another person, company or culture, and refrain from using words that are profane, discriminatory or harassing.
  • Stay on topic. Our social media communities are not always the appropriate venues for certain conversations, like politics. All conversation should be related to our brand, our products, or the topics we introduce.
  • Strive to be ethical, truthful and decent. We reserve the right to remove anything illegal, false information, and posts that are misleading.
  • If your posts are spam, promotional, link to third-party sites, or you are being compensated in any way for your responses (ex. by a competitor), your comments will be removed.
  • Only post content that you have the rights to distribute.
  • Have fun!

If you’re an employee, remember to follow these additional guidelines outlined in our social media policy:

  • Disclose that you work at GOJO when endorsing or promoting GOJO products with the hashtag #TeamGOJO. If you’re a GOJO partner sharing our information, use the hashtag #GOJOPartner as a disclosure.
  • Please do not speak on the behalf of the enterprise or our brands. If you find something online that you believe needs addressed, you are encouraged to contact our Public Relations team and Social Media Marketing Manager.