Sustainable Value Wins at Walmart

Walmart is now making wipes available for customer use upon entering the store. GOJO provided a winning solution that fulfilled Walmart’s customer objectives and supported the leading retailer’s commitment to sustainability.

In 2013, a GOJO team presented a PURELL® Sanitizing Wipes solution to Walmart to enable customers to sanitize their hands prior to shopping. The 1,500 count PURELL Sanitizing Wipes packaged in thin-film pouches proved to be a more sustainable option than the 250 count wipe packaged in plastic canisters placed in stores at the time. The conversion resulted in added Sustainable Value benefits, ultimately reducing costs, labor and waste for Walmart.

Camp Pendleton Salutes Sustainable Hand Hygiene Solution

Job Options Facilities Division Manager Margaret-Ann Peňa said GOJO dispensers, soaps and hand sanitizers were specified in the large-scale conversion project to carry out Executive Order 13514. This order requires federal agencies to purchase environmentally preferred products and services. In response, Job Options replaced refillable bulk soap dispensers with GOJO touch-free systems using green certified soaps in SANITARY SEALED™ refills that lock out germs.

In addition to cost advantages, the Marines, civilians and other staff members at Camp Pendleton have enjoyed the cleaner, more sanitary environment, thanks to these new dispensing systems. The high demand for soap and hand hygiene products has been met with flying colors.