Sustainability at GOJO
Changing How the World Stays Well

Innovating Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Every day, millions of people around the world rely on our solutions to help them stay well. Whether at work, at school, in public spaces or at home, keeping skin and surfaces clean and free of illness-causing germs is important because it allows people to freely engage in our fast-paced, highly interactive world.

The GOJO Purpose, Saving Lives and Making Lives Better Through Well-Being Solutions, inspires us to continuously innovate and find new ways to enhance the lives of those we touch. We recognize our role in creating a healthy future and put great effort into understanding and proactively managing the social, environmental and economic impacts of our business.

What Matters Most

Our Commitment

The GOJO Purpose drives every decision our Family Enterprise makes, from the products we create to the ways that we work. From our founding on a safer way to clean working hands to our leading-edge approach to reducing germs on hands and the surfaces they touch, our powerful Purpose inspires our commitment to better solutions. We continuously innovate to develop well-being solutions that create a healthier ecosystem and improve the lives of those we touch.

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Our People

Meet the teams that set the course for our sustainability journey.

Our Process

Learn how we identified and defined our Sustainable Value Strategies and 2020 Goals.

Our Progress

See our 2020 goals, and what we’re doing to achieve them, through inspired action.

Our 2017-2018 Report

This is our seventh Sustainability Report and our third year creating a GRI-referenced report. This material references the 2016 GRI Standards, and each Standard used can be found in the GRI Content Index. GRI is an independent organization and global leader in sustainability standards. The GRI framework helps businesses, governments and organizations around the world measure and communicate consistently. We look to third parties, such as GRI, to hold ourselves accountable and to align our strategic sustainability priorities with the changing world around us.

Although GOJO is not required to report on sustainability progress, we believe it is important to keep ourselves accountable and keep stakeholders informed so they can see our Sustainable Value Strategies and Goals in action, understand the plan and influence work going forward.

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