Dispenser Design Center FAQ


What is the GOJO Dispenser Design Center?

The Dispenser Design Center enables you to personalize soap dispensers on-screen by selecting and viewing color, design, logo placement and other graphic elements. A downloadable PDF is available to share and gain approval on the design.

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Will I Be Able to Place an Order for Personalized Dispensers through the Site?

The Dispenser Design Center allows you to design a personalized dispenser to fit any environment. To order the dispenser you create, you will need to contact your distributor to handle the request and place your order. If you do not have a GOJO Distributor, call 1-800-321-9647 to get the name of a distributor near you.

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What Can I Submit for Personalization?

You may submit any valid trademark, logo, graphic, text or other message that fits the dispenser's printable surface. All images must be submitted in a .PNG or .GIF file format, with a recommended maximum file size of 400 KB (since larger files might upload or resize incorrectly). For the mockup, file resolution should be at least 72ppi.

Please note: Mockups are to be used as a general indication of color and may not exactly match finished dispensers. The printing process is not always capable of exact color match. Colors will vary in tone when printed on a dark background (i.e. black or gray dispensers).

Read our terms and conditions for additional technical requirements, messaging guidelines and image specifications for final printing.

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Where Can I Get Additional Help if I Have Any More Questions?

Please contact GOJO Customer Service at 1-800-321-9647 for more assistance.

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Contact Information

Contact: Kelly Ward-Smith, Public Relations Senior Manager

Phone Number: 330-255-6293
Mobile Phone: 330-819-8638

Email: SmithKe@GOJO.com

This contact information is for news media only. For other inquiries, please contact GOJO customer service at 1-800-321-9647 or use the GOJO Contact Us form.