Our Commitment
Rising to the challenge.
We won’t stop until you have the high-quality products you need.
From expanding capabilities to investing in our people, GOJO is delivering on new ways to meet demand every day.

For us at GOJO, nothing is as important as making sure that everywhere from classrooms and restaurants, to hospitals and homes have access to the highest quality formulations of hand sanitizer. In line with our GOJO Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better, never have we felt more responsibility to deliver on this promise.

We treat each of our 2,500 team members as a vital part of our Family Enterprise, offering them the support they need so they are prepared for the essential work of supporting you and your communities.

We are committed to:

  • Operating our facilities 24/7
  • Increasing production to historical levels across all of our operations
  • Investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the growth of our facilities
  • Working with our suppliers to dramatically increase raw materials, bottles, and caps
  • Hiring more than 250 team members

To address hand sanitizer shortages, we are shipping more than a billion uses of hand sanitizer per week in North America alone. Hand hygiene products are going into every market and geography we serve, including healthcare, first responders, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, stores/online retailers, mail and parcel carriers, U.S. military, food processing, convenience stores, airports, and more.

We are overcoming many supply challenges to meet demand, and we won’t stop until you have the products you need.

In addition, we are helping businesses and facilities make the most of the product they do have through our new PURELL® Brand Well-Being Center, loaded with hand hygiene best practices, fact sheets, and other crucial educational information.

Our Commitment in Action

Today, people are turning to the PURELL® Brand more than ever. See how we are overcoming supply challenges to meet growing demand.