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3 Hand Hygiene Products that help strengthen your employee wellness program
Three Hand Hygiene Products That Help Strengthen Your Employee Wellness Program


By Thom Wojtkun

Market Development Director, Office Buildings, GOJO Industries

In late winter, the less festive parts of the season tend to take over: cold weather, gray skies and sick coworkers. And, even those who make it to the office are often hiding their sniffles. In fact, almost 70% of US workers come to work even when they’re actually not feeling well.

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2015-2016 GOJO Sustainability Report
How GOJO Raised the Bar for Sharing Its Sustainability Progress


By Nicole Koharik

GOJO Corporate Communications Director, GOJO Industries

Last fall, GOJO released our fifth annual sustainability report, What Matters Most. This report shares with all GOJO stakeholders – customers, team members and partners – our sustainability story and the progress we have made. It focuses on the areas that matter most to our stakeholders – creating Sustainable Value through collaboration, product innovation, our commitment to sustainable chemistry and more.

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Applying the power of the positive deviant to hand hygiene improvement
Applying the Power of the Positive Deviant to Hand Hygiene Improvement


By John Lerner

SMARTLINK™ Solutions Business Development Vice President

What makes a positive deviant in healthcare? And how can hospitals leverage these individuals’ experience and intuition to sustain performance improvement around hand hygiene?

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It’s That Time of Year Again – Time to Fight the Flu
School and Sneeze and Sniffle Season Are Both in Session


By Mark Rundle

Market Development Manager, GOJO Industries

It’s the end of January and students and teachers have all settled in following winter break. And, not only are they bringing home with them new lessons and memories, they are all bringing along some winter germs. Yes, school is back in session, but sneeze and sniffle season is too.

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Norovirus what impact does it have on your restaurant
What You Need to Know About Norovirus


By Dave Shumaker

Microbiology Scientist, GOJO Industries

It’s not only cold and flu season, it’s also norovirus season.

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