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Morgan Paris

Market Development Manager

Morgan Paris is the Market Development Manager for the education business at GOJO Industries. She has been with GOJO since 2017, focusing on building intimate knowledge of what’s important to end-users and understanding the challenges they face to better serve the market. Morgan has nearly ten years of experience working within the non-profit and for-profit sectors for various markets, including education, foodservice, and healthcare. She earned her B.A in Communication Studies from Kent State University and is a current graduate student at the University of Akron, earning her MBA with a focus on Strategic Marketing.
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The Infection Prevention Playbook


By Morgan Paris

Market Development Manager

There may be no “I” in team, but there are several in Infection Prevention. And while every facility staff member, athlete, coach, and athletic trainer on campus may be doing their part to reduce the spread of germs, just one misstep can lead to an outbreak. 

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10 Reasons You Should Consider Upping Your Infection Prevention Game


By Morgan Paris

Market Development Manager

The risk of injury during practice or games is obvious given the nature of sports, but infections aren’t always seen as being equally dangerous to an athlete’s season. Athletes can miss days or weeks with illnesses like the flu or mono, and more serious infections like MRSA have even ended careers.

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