Win customers and build loyalty through cleanliness

With 180 stores, G&M Oil has a competitor on every corner, so cleanliness and well-being can be the difference between a one time visitor and a loyal customer.
Gabi Yanuzzi of G&M Oil

“Customers equate cleanliness to safety and quality.

PURELL® sets the immediate impression that G&M cares for our customers. It helps them to select us at a glance and gives them the confidence to return.”
-Gabi Yanuzzi, Director of Stores, G&M Oil
G&M Oil - PURELL at the Pump

"I know the product they’re using is a superior product and is going to get them adequately cleaned.”

Today, customer expectations are high – they expect a clean, well-lit, safe environment with great cus¬tomer service. When a customer drives by, a location’s cleanliness can be a stronger indicator of both quality of service and keeping customers safe when they fill their tanks. G&M is a brand that prides itself on positive customer experiences through the customer perks that have a big impact on their visit.

For three decades, Gabi, Director of Stores at G&M Oil, has been at the forefront of the industry: setting the standard for quality, safety, and customer experience. By using PURELL® products throughout the stores, Gabi and her staff show customers they care for their well-being at the pump, at the register, and at all the high-traffic areas in between.

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