Smart Technology, Smarter Solutions

PURELL SMARTLINK™ technology provides the hand hygiene monitoring hardware, software, and support that facilities need to meet patient safety goals. With solutions ranging from app-based observation to individual monitoring and service alerts, you can improve hand hygiene performance with data-driven insights. Whether you’re a compliance-based facility or simply want to streamline your dispenser maintenance, PURELL SMARTLINK™ technology has a solution to meet your needs.

Robust Reporting, Actionable Data

The PURELL SMARTLINK™ Integrated Monitoring System combines the technology, the reporting capabilities, and the hand sanitizer brand doctors trust1.

Streamline Your Workflow

The SCOTT® and PURELL® brands have joined together to make restroom maintenance smarter than ever. Onvation™ can help maximize efficiency and minimize guest complaints.

1. GOJO Industries, Inc., Market Research - External Market Research, Hall and Partners PURELL Brand Research 2017 (006-079), 1 September 2017
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