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Make a statement to your customers the moment they arrive. GOJO offers a total solution for Foodservice establishments that is designed to help increase handwashing to reduce the risk of foodborne illness, provide hand sanitizing products to show guests you care about their well-being and sanitize surfaces to quickly eliminate germs.

PURELL™ Foodservice Surface Sanitizer
Powerful Germ Kill,
PURELL™ Peace of Mind.

The brand you’ve trusted to keep your customers happy for over 25 years has revolutionized the way we sanitize and clean surfaces. PURELL™ Foodservice Surface Sanitizer eliminates 99.99% of germs on surfaces, including Norovirus, Salmonella and E. Coli in just 30 seconds. Made with PURELL TOUCHABLE™ Technology, our new fragrance-free surface spray is formulated for food contact surfaces, and is proven effective on countertops, stainless steel, stone and more.

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GOJO Foodservice Solutions
It's the New Standard in Service

Make a statement with PURELL™ products and show you care about your guests, your employees and your reputation. By offering a well-known, trusted product to your guests, you’re not only showing them you’re committed to a clean restaurant, you’re also reinforcing your brand by keeping customers happy and healthy.

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GOJO Foodservice Solutions
Back of House Solutions

The GOJO Foodservice Program features the industry’s most efficacious hand hygiene products, including MICRELL® Lotion Soap and PURELL® Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer for a comprehensive hand hygiene regimen.

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GOJO Foodservice Solutions
Hand Hygiene—Wherever You Need It Most Whether it’s in the kitchen or the restrooms, offer employees and customers the industry’s most reliable and robust skin care systems. GOJO® and PURELL® dispensers come in a variety of sizes, so they’ll fit in more places – and they’re extremely easy to service and maintain. Explore the options

GOJO Solutions for Foodservice
Dispenser Customization

Create a custom soap dispenser that reflects your image - mix and match colors, patterns and designs to create over 75 different looks. Help to reinforce your brand equity by adding your logo or brand message to GOJO® dispensers. Match your restaurant décor and show customers that you’re committed to providing a healthy environment.

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