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The Do's and Don'ts of Hand Care for Backyard Mechanics

Diana Costanzo


By Diana Costanzo

Sales Vice President - Automotive & Textile

Spring is a great time to get your hands dirty and your ride into top working condition. Unfortunately, the grime associated with spring car tinkering can leave hands dirty and in poor condition.  

If you love working under the hood, keep this in mind: your hands are your most valuable tools. Here are the top five “do’s” that will help you maintain your hands’ condition:
  1. Use a professional-grade skin conditioner before and after the work is done.
  2. Wash thoroughly with a hand cleaner specially developed to handle automotive grease and grime.
  3. Use the gentlest cleaner that’s effective.
  4. Use wipes for in-between cleanup.
  5. Keep your tools clean to help keep your hands clean.
Of equal importance are these four hand care “don’ts:”
  1. Never use harsh detergents, solvents or chemicals to clean skin.
  2. Don’t use regular bar soap on grimy hands because weak soap can cause you to scrub too aggressively, drying out the skin and causing more damage than good.
  3. Never use abrasives or brushes not designed to clean skin.
  4. Never put dirty hands into gloves because they can trap the contaminants against the skin, causing irritation and skin damage.

Proper hand care is even more important if you work with grease, grime and strong solvents on a regular basis. The hardest working hands are routinely exposed to harsh chemicals and irritants that can lead to painful occupational skin disease. A regimen that includes a hand cleaner made especially for automotive grit and grime, followed by a skin conditioner that can soften and moisturize skin, helps protect hands and minimize the risk of damage.

GOJO has the hand hygiene and skin care products that can help protect the hands and nourish the skin of the backyard mechanic. GOJO® Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner and GOJO Scrubbing Towels are gentle but effective. Follow up with GOJO HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner when hands are clean.

You’ll find GOJO hand hygiene and skin care products for the automotive and DIY markets at hardware retailers, home centers and auto chain stores across the U.S. and Canada. 

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