Give healthy skin a hand

Your employees’ hands are the driving force behind a successful business, and when they’re not at their best, it can impact productivity. Implementing a wellness program with GOJO® products can reduce down time due to Occupational Dermatitis and help keep facilities, and employees’ hands, running smoothly.

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Healthy Hands Matter Skin health is an important, but often overlooked part of any wellness program. Employees with dry, cracked skin are more susceptible to irritation from the chemicals they encounter at work, which can lead to lost time and hurt your bottom line. Why healthy skin works better

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Clean, Condition, Sanitize

From heavy-duty hand cleaners to conditioning lotions, the GOJO Skin Health Regimen keeps workers’ hands working at their full potential. Our skin care products make it easy for employees effectively clean, condition and sanitize – without damaging skin.

See how the program works

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14 Days to Better Skin Our 3-Step system isn’t just convenient. A scientific study has shown that workers following the GOJO Healthy Skin Regimen could see and feel a difference in their skin. How good? 71% of workers were happy with the way their skin felt after following the program.1 View the study
  1. Arbogast, James, et al. Effectiveness of a Hand Care Regimen with Moisturizer in Manufacturing Facilities Where Workers Are Prone to Occupational Irritant Dermatitis. March 2004.