PURELL® hand sanitizer - the brand people know and trust.

PURELL® for home use

PURELL® hand sanitizer - the brand people know and trust.

Whether or not you see them, germs are everywhere. They're on desks, phones and even elevator buttons. And since most germs are spread by hands, it's easy to see how quickly those germs can spread in any professional setting where people interact. So, how can you quickly and conveniently kill germs on your hands - without having to leave whatever work is at hand? Simple: use PURELL® hand sanitizer - the brand people know and trust..


Easy to use and as safe on hands as regular soap and water, alcohol-based PURELL hand sanitizer kills harmful germs. 

Best of all, you can make PURELL hand sanitizer readily available whenever you need it. Experts recommend the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to help prevent the spread of germs in hospitals, offices, schools and child-care centers. PURELL hand sanitizer also makes good sense in foodservice, military, law enforcement and manufacturing environments, where there is a high potential for germs to spread.

Whether it's in a pump bottle, a wall dispenser or even in your pocket, PURELL hand sanitizer is the cost-effective way to practice good hand hygiene quickly and conveniently. Use PURELL hand sanitizer regularly to help you, and those you are in touch with, steer clear of germs.

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PURELL® Advanced

PURELL Advanced Hand Rub is the first and only sanitizer allowed for commercial and healthcare professional use in Canada.


Did You Know

People VALUE the PURELL® Brand.

94% said they would like to see PURELL® made available in public settings (especially in medical, travel and food locations).

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