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Managing a successful compliance program takes constant monitoring, accurate measurement and effective use of the data collected. The components of the GOJO SMARTLINK™ solution can be used individually or together to create a compliance program that can help you reduce the number of healthcare-associated infections in your facility.


By seamlessly integrating with GOJO touch-free dispensers, SMARTLINK™ technology makes it easy to monitor staff compliance by capturing multiple touch points and seamlessly converts real-time data into useable information that can be leveraged to provide accurate feedback with your healthcare workers.

RTLS Nurse Sanitizing Outside of Patient Room
GOJO SMARTLINK™ Integrated Technology

GOJO SMARTLINK™ technology integrates with many of the industry-leading Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) providers, as well as stand-alone hand hygiene monitoring technologies. This provides you with the flexibility to choose a hand hygiene monitoring solution that meets your needs, while continuing to use the most trusted name in skin care. These systems allow you to track hand hygiene compliance at an individual level by communicating hand washing and sanitizing events with electronic employee badges. These solutions provide the highest level of data granularity for managing your hand hygiene program.

We work with all major technology providers, so contact your GOJO representative today or call 1-800-321-9647, and we will help identify the best solution for your facility.

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GOJO SMARTLINK™ Activity Monitoring System

The GOJO SMARTLINK™ Activity Monitoring System (AMS) is used to automatically track soap and sanitizer dispenser activations to calculate hand hygiene performance at a group or area level. The system accurately captures soap and sanitizer dispenses (events) and room entries and exits (opportunities), and can be configured to monitor and measure hand hygiene performance by facility, floor, unit, or room. The data captured is not role specific and includes healthcare personnel, doctors, patients, and visitors because everyone has an important role to play in creating a culture of safety.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for a free 60-day trial in 5 patient rooms. Our unique trial process allows you to validate the AMS technology through interaction with the hardware and software, and to experience the GOJO Clinical Application Specialist expertise through targeted hand hygiene initiatives.

During your trial period, you will receive training, support and access to GOJO SMARTLINK™ system hardware and software. You’ll gain:

  • A more accurate sampling of hand hygiene performance rates compared to rates under direct observation
  • First-hand experience in using electronic monitoring hardware and software
  • An understanding of how technology is able to measure the impact of interventions over time
  • A comprehensive clinical assessment that includes recommendations for developing a hand hygiene improvement initiative that ensures organizational alignment, leadership engagement, and a proposal for expansion

The assessment and recommendations for improvement will be presented to you and are yours to keep with no obligation.

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Electronic Monitoring Systems SMARTLINK Activity Monitoring Systems 60 Day Trial

GOJO SMARTLINK™ Activity Monitoring System (AMS) - 60-Day Trial Process Download PDF

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GOJO SMARTLINK™ Observation System

Experience a smarter way to collect and report your direct observations.

With the GOJO SMARTLINK™ Observation System, you can get instant access to real-time compliance data via a secure, web-based portal, allowing you to track your facility’s progress and make improvements in real time.

Our mobile application and web-based software facilitates the electronic collection and collation of hand hygiene and personal protective equipment metrics, while providing feedback and delivering reports immediately for each of these categories

Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the GOJO SMARTLINK Observation System App. Click on Demo Mode to experience a smarter way to collect your observations!

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Contact us to request a free 90-day trial of the GOJO SMARTLINK™ Observation System