Employee absenteeism can be costly. But proper hand hygiene can reduce the spread of illness-causing germs. Get started at your workplace by following these three easy steps!

Use products proven effective in real-world clinical studies 

GOJO has conducted multiple outcome studies to scientifically prove that a program including GOJO® hand soaps, PURELL® hand sanitizer, and state-of-the-art dispensers will reduce illness and absenteeism across a wide range of real-world settings.

Prevent illness and absenteeism

Keep Health at Hand where you need it the most

Download our product placement checklists to help you make it easy for employees, customers and guests to practice good hand hygiene at critical moments at work and at home.

Reinforce good hand hygiene habits

A successful hand hygiene program requires active engagement from employees, customers and guests. Use the tools below to encourage good hand hygiene habits by hanging posters in restrooms and other high-touch or high-traffic areas. Use the available email templates to engage, educate and remind people how simple yet effective good hand hygiene is!


Print and hang posters in common areas to help encourage good hand hygiene habits year round.

Email Templates

Use customizable email templates to educate on critical hand hygiene moments while communicating your efforts to maintain a healthy and productive workplace during seasonal illness outbreaks.

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