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The PURELL SOLUTION™ is a full range of PURELL® products available to safeguard health and help people stay well. It’s the best available science and technology combined with the effectiveness and peace of mind people expect from the PURELL® brand. The PURELL SOLUTION™ was developed to meet end user needs in the Professional, Healthcare, Foodservice and Education markets. 

PURELL SOLUTION™ product segments include the following:

  • New PURELL® Professional, Healthcare, Foodservice and Education HEALTHY SOAP® products
  • New PURELL ES™ Dispensing Systems.  (Includes PURELL® ES4 Push-style, PURELL® ES6 Touch-free and PURELL® ES8 Touch-free with Energy on the Refill dispensers)
  • New PURELL® Professional and Education FMX-20™ soap Dispensing Systems
  • PURELL® Professional, Healthcare, and Foodservice Surface Sprays
  • PURELL® Professional, Healthcare, and Foodservice Advanced Hand Sanitizers
  • PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes
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HEALTHY SOAP® formulations are the expansion of the PURELL® brand into the soap category. Like all PURELL® products – HEALTHY SOAP® formulations are designed through the lens of PURELL® formulation standards of safe, effective and good for you.

Safe: The PURELL® brand is a leader in sustainable chemistry and packaging. Each market specific PURELL SOLUTION™ product is safe for people and their ecosystems before, during and after use.

Effective: PURELL SOLUTION™ products set the highest standard for every use and market need.

  • Trustworthy Claims: PURELL SOLUTION™ products do what they say they’re going to do and are supported by clinical evidence.

Good for You: The PURELL SOLUTION™ product line uses the best science available to enhance the well-being of the individual and the institution – with no trade-offs or compromises.

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What are the Primary PURELL ES™ Dispensing Systems Features and Benefits?

Built on over 65 years of dispenser engineering experience, new PURELL ES™ dispensing systems are as durable and reliable as they are beautiful. It’s easy for everyone to see the brand they trust. 

We stand behind the PURELL ES™ dispensing systems for the life of the dispenser.

AT-A-GLANCE™ Refill Design: Monitor product levels with just one look. Bottle design makes it quick and easy to see which refills need attention, eliminating potential complaints. 

Easy recycling and disposal: PET bottle and refill components are easy to disassemble.

All sanitizer dispensers come with SHIELD™ Floor and Wall Protectors

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In the PURELL ES™ Dispensing Systems, How Will People Tell the Difference Between PURELL® Soaps and Sanitizers?

There are several attributes to help see the difference between PURELL® Soap and Hand Sanitizer in the PURELL ES™ Dispensing Systems. GOJO has conducted extensive research to confirm dispenser design, refill color and labeling is clear to remove any confusion between soap and sanitizer for the handwasher and those individuals servicing refills. 

Research among handwashers indicates more than 93% success rate in identifying and using the soap dispenser in a situation where both PURELL® brand HEALTHY SOAP® and Hand Sanitizer are placed at the sink.

Product design cues include:

Front Label:

Prominent labeling on the front of the refill clearly states whether the formulation is a HEALTHY SOAP® product or Hand Sanitizer.

Refill Bottle Color:

All PURELL® Brand HEALTHY SOAP® products will be in blue tinted bottles and all PURELL® Hand Sanitizers will be in clear bottles.

Dispenser Context and Location:

Location provides another cue to product type. Dispensers located near a sink typically are soap. Those located by a door, hallway or away from a sink are typically sanitizer. 

Matching System – Refill and Dispenser:

There is a label matching system, with easy-to-see labels inside the dispenser that match labels on the refill. Matching labels assure the right refill is in the right dispenser. The labels identify whether the product is soap or sanitizer and clearly identifies the dispensing system.

Unique Refill Keys: 

Each refill utilizes proprietary keys to match the corresponding dispenser. PURELL® ES8 uses an electronic key; if an incorrect keyed refill is placed in the dispenser, the dispenser will display a red light and not operate. PURELL® ES6 and PURELL® ES4 use different mechanical keys, which only fit in the correct dispenser.

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Do the New PURELL ES™ Dispensers Have the Ability to Lock?
Yes. All PURELL ES™ dispensers are equipped with LOCK OR NOT™ technology. Dispenser keys are not included inside the shipper. Dispenser keys can be ordered through sample requests. There is one dispenser key for the PURELL® ES4, PURELL® ES6 and PURELL® ES8 systems – the SKU is: 7749-18 (18 pack) or 7749-EA (1 each)
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Are There Separate Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers for Each System Type (ES4, ES6, ES8)?

Yes. HEALTHY SOAP® products*

*refills only fit the appropriate PURELL ES™ soap dispenser and PURELL® Hand Sanitizer will only fit in PURELL ES™ Hand Sanitizer dispensers.

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Do the New Formulations Carry any "Green" Certifications?

Yes. Our initial soap portfolio is 100% green certified through either EcoLogo and/or USDA BioPreferred.

Our current sanitizer portfolio has 2 formulations certified.

  • PURELL® Professional Advanced Hand Sanitizer Fragrance Free Foam is certified for EcoLogo and USDA BioPreferred.
  • PURELL® Healthcare Advanced ULTRA NOURISHING™ Hand Sanitizer Foam is certified for USDA BioPreferred.
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What Colors are the Dispensers Available in?

Each PURELL® ES 4, ES 6, and ES 8 dispenser is available in graphite and white.

The PURELL® FMX 20™ HEALTHY SOAP® dispenser is available in graphite and white.

The PURELL® FMX 20™ Education HEALTHY SOAP® dispenser is available in white.

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