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A facility with PURELL® products available gives a positive impression
68% of American households own at least one pet – making vet care in America a $16.62 billion industry.1 In this competitive industry, places like the Veterinary Wellness Center of Green choose the right product against combating germs.
Veterinarian holding a dog

“We choose PURELL® products...

...because of the positive impression that comes with the brand, anti-bacterial capabilities and the PURELL® surface spray is proven to kill parvovirus.”
-Amy Moore, Lead Veterinary Technician,Veterinary Wellness Center of Green
PURELL Surface Spray being used on a dog kennel

“I like having it out in the lobby. It gives our guests a sense that we care about cleanliness.”  

The first thing you see when you walk into The Veterinary Wellness Center of Green are PURELL® dispensers. Amy and her team believe every living thing that walks through their doors should be loved, cared for, and kept safe. From the front desk to the waiting room, PURELL® products provide a positive image of quality to their customers.

PURELL® products gives customers an immediate sense that the clinic cares about cleanliness. Her team appreciates it as well, “I know the front desk really likes PURELL® up there.”

The PURELL® brand is that trusted brand

When choosing the right brands to use in their facility, Amy defers to her staff provides input. They choose PURELL® products for their antibacterial capabilities, proven effectiveness against parvovirus with PURELL® Surface Spray, and easy-to-maintain dispensers. Amy understands that these characteristics work together to protect the lives of both her staff and the customers that come through their door.

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