PURELL bringing peace of mind at the orthodontist PURELL bringing peace of mind at the orthodontist
PURELL® products are trusted in critical environments
With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Parker understands the value of providing the right product – and the trust it can create between patients and staff.
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“We stick with PURELL®...

...because we know that it’s going to send the right message.”
-Dr. Stephan H. Parker, Orthodontist
Orthdontist staff and clients interacting

“The whole idea of having 
that PURELL name out there— I mean that visual—is important to clients, parents, and patients. Because they know that that’s a trusted name.”

Dr. Parker uses PURELL® products throughout his facility because it provides a sense of trust and a greater sense of quality for his practice. With a high-volume of people – up to 80 patients a day - it’s important to show to patients they’re doing everything they can to keep them safe.

When Dr. Parker’s staff using PURELL, products, they’re reassured that they’re in good hands, and they can see a commitment to investing in high standards.

The PURELL® brand tells customers that we care about quality.

After every visit with Dr. Parker, smiles shine brighter and customers are safe. Dr. Parker and his staff begin every appointment with PURELL® products - protecting their hands and the many patients they serve.

That impression patients get from seeing Dr. Parker’s staff use PURELL® products is a perspective of cleanliness. “They are perceiving value in their investment in our office. And they know our standard is high when it comes to sterilization. They know we aren’t using just anything.”

“What are we doing to keep people safe and clean? PURELL® has the name, you know it has the image and I think that’s important. We want to be associated with quality.”

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