The PURELL® brand helps a community feel welcome

A facility that serves 1,500 congregants, K-8 students, and a community.
Jon Wolny, Northside Church

"Northside is our collective home...

...and ensuring that everyone who comes through our door feels comfortable and welcomed is essential to our mission. It’s why we choose PURELL®."
–Jonathan Wolny, Operations Pastor
Northside Church Member Using PURELL

"Using PURELL products reflects how we understand the health and safety feeling that a successful community requires."

To serve more than 1,500 congregants and students, Northside Church operates as a high-capacity facility that offers room for events, on-site food service and a K-8 school for more than 400 families. A facility of this size comes with plenty of concerns about the well-being of those who gather there daily.

As Operations Pastor, Jonathan provides guidance and facilities management leadership, doing everything he can to remove any barriers to an individual’s ability to connect. He makes it a mission to not only provide clean health initiatives but deliver a comforting and truly welcoming environment for everyone.

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