The PURELL® brand lets you focus on what matters, while showing you care

An organization of 2,000 employees, all aiming for better health and wellness, chose the brand trusted and preferred by healthcare workers.1
Kathy Golovan

“Having PURELL® products makes a great first impression...

...because it’s right there. It’s saying that we care about cleanliness, we are a place that will go above and beyond.”
–Kathy Golovan, Chief Health Officer, Medical Mutual
Kathy Golovan in a meeting with a PURELL bottle on the table

“[Using PURELL® products] is a solution for employers that are looking at investing in wellness. Typically, employers go into wellness because of two reasons. One, they want to reduce costs, and second they really want to show their employees that they care about them.”

With 22 years of experience at Medical Mutual, Kathy, Chief Health Officer, understands the positive impact little things have on the workplace – like providing PURELL® products to employees and making them available in high-traffic areas.

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