PURELL® products eliminate germs – and worries – with no harsh chemicals

With more than 4,500 students and 6 buildings, proper hand hygiene is essential for students, teachers, and staff.
Man smiling in a gym

"My goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment…

... for the children and faculty of this district ... I like to take the chemicals out of the classroom.
-Chris Kelling, Supervisor of Facilities at Hudson City Schools
High school students getting hand sanitizer

"We strategically place PURELL products in high-traffic areas to encourage hand hygiene for students and staff."

Chris, Supervisor of Facilities at Hudson City Schools, and his team have a strict focus on protecting students, staff, and faculty by killing germs on surfaces and on hands. By making the well-being of students a priority throughout the 6 different school buildings, they can benefit beyond just the classroom.

With PURELL® products in high-traffic areas, Chris and his team employ an offensive approach. Their diligence provides faculty, students, and even parents back home a sense of safety – promoting a positive image of their district and instilling proper hand hygiene habits that can last a lifetime.

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