The PURELL® brand brings trust to the table

Denny’s restaurants are about comfort food and feeling welcome. The PURELL® brand enhances that with products customers trust.
Man serving breakfast food

“When a customer sees the PURELL products in our restaurant,

they get a sense of comfort that we’re using a system that’s the best on the market.”
-Kevin Coveney, Owner & Board Member of Denny’s Franchisee Association
PURELL Hand Sanitizer Stand

“The PURELL brand is always innovating with us in mind. With PURELL® products, our staff and guests find it easy to maintain a clean and safe environment."

Denny’s franchise owners take great pride in providing employees and customers the best service, friendliest environment, and healthiest atmosphere possible. Kevin, owner & board member of Denny’s Franchisee Association, uses the PURELL® brand to provide a high-quality dining experience.

When you run a dining establishment that treats customers like family, you never settle for anything less. It’s why Kevin and his team choose PURELL® products.

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