Hospitals look to the PURELL® brand for patient care and lasting impressions

With more than 5,000 dispensers, Jo Ann and her team work together to stop germs that can cause infections from the first impression – keeping patients and loved ones safe.
Jo Ann in a hallway

“I’m all about my patients. I’m all about my staff.

If I’m protecting them by giving them the products, they need to do their job, then they’re going to take care of those patients the way they’re intended to.”
-Jo Ann DiPierro, Director of Environmental Services, Aultman Hospital
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Aultman faculty washing hands

"PURELL® gives me peace of mind knowing that my staff has all the essential tools they need to do their job.”

For Jo Ann and her environmental team, first impressions go beyond the front desk: they go into the care of every room, down the hallways, and into the choice of products used to provide a clean and trusted facility. They believe using the PURELL® brand shows you’re committed to killing germs.

Jo Ann has a deep appreciation for her staff and the selfless work they do for patients and families. The PURELL brand goes beyond first impressions and gives into the lives of the people peace of mind.

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