Our Progress

After developing our Sustainable Value Strategies, we put them into action by defining our 2020 Goals. Below is a summary of our progress toward these goals over the past 2 years. Download our 2017-2018 Sustainability Report to see how these goals come to life through our commitment to sustainability at GOJO.

Innovate to Create Sustainable Value
Reduce Our Chemical Footprint by 50%
Double Global Sales from Products with 3rd Party Certifications
Reduce Packaging Material by 15%

Elevate Public Health and Well-Being
Be the Most Recognized Advocate for Well-Being Through Hand Hygiene in our Industry
Bring Well-Being to One Billion People Every Day

Steward a Thriving Environment
Recover and Reuse or Recycle 50% of Dispenser Materials
Implement a Zero-Waste Fulfillment Process for Dispenser Installation
Ensure 90% of GOJO Strategic, Preferred and Collaborative Suppliers Meet Sustainable Value
Power GOJO US Distribution Operations by Renewable Energy

Foster a Culture of Sustainable Value
Infuse 20 GOJO Business Processes with Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOW)
Engage 40% of GOJO Team Members in SWOW Every Year