Our Process

In 2015, we conducted a materiality assessment to understand the sustainability issues that mattered most to our various stakeholder groups. This process helped us define the material topics to proactively manage and address within our 2020 Sustainable Value Strategies & Goals.

Working with a 3rd party facilitator, we determined our sustainability priorities and determined where and how we could make the biggest impact socially, environmentally and economically. Additionally, we evaluated some of the most influential organizations in our industry for inspiration and guidance.

We brought together a cross-functional group of stakeholders to discuss and evaluate impacts, risks and opportunities across our value chain, from the raw materials we use to the products we make and how they’re distributed.

For additional perspective, we collaborated with external thought leaders, distributors, suppliers and end-user customers from a variety of market segments, along with nongovernmental organizations, industry associations and influencers.

Our collaboration resulted in identifying the Sustainable Value material topics that were most meaningful to our broad group of stakeholders. These were the foundation of the GOJO 2020 Sustainable Value Strategies & Goals.

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