Our People

More than 2,500 team members worldwide work together to design, manufacture and market our innovative portfolio of products and services. The GOJO Purpose, Saving Lives and Making Life Better Through Well-Being Solutions, connects us. At our World Headquarters in Akron, Ohio, two teams help us determine our course toward a sustainable future, and help create a culture of sustainability.

The Enterprise Sustainability Governance Team (ESGT) is a cross-functional group that ensures social, environmental and economic sustainability are factored into GOJO business practices. Its membership consists of GOJO team members who have accountabilities to meet our 2020 Sustainable Value Strategies & Goals.

Through monthly meetings, the ESGT assesses opportunities, sets goals and develops plans to reach them. The insights and information that the diverse members of the team bring to each meeting help to work through challenges and discuss how to leverage opportunities. Each key Enterprise sustainability initiative has an executive sponsor, and the team works directly with those sponsors to move these initiatives forward.

Along with the ESGT, GOJO has implemented a sub-team that focuses on our day-to-day activities. The Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOWSM) Engagement Team is a cross-functional group of over 20 members from across all three GOJO Northeast Ohio locations in Akron, Cuyahoga Falls/Stow and Wooster.

The SWOW Engagement Team was established in 2016 to incorporate Sustainable Value into our daily work at GOJO. The team is dedicated to understanding, capturing and navigating sustainability initiatives taking place across the Enterprise. They are also responsible for developing and implementing engagement opportunities designed to meet the various needs of GOJO team members, including those in manufacturing, sales and administration.

Together, these teams hold the Enterprise accountable for its sustainability goals, drive a sustainability mindset throughout the Enterprise and inspire us to find new ways to create Sustainable Value at GOJO.

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