Steward a Thriving Environment

Keeping our planet healthy is essential to keeping people healthy. We need a thriving environment—flourishing forests, clean water and unpolluted air—to support the well-being of people and all forms of life. This necessitates using resources wisely. This is why we set environmental stewardship goals and track and report our progress towards them.

In 2010, GOJO first announced our voluntary five-year goals to minimize our environmental impact—committing to reduce emissions, water use and solid waste. By 2013, we exceeded our reduction targets; however, we did not stop there. In 2015, when we reflected on our accomplishments, we chose to raise the bar. Our 2020 Sustainable Value Goals involve our entire value chain, from raw material suppliers to operations and production to responsible in-field end-of-product-use management.

Developing Products and Programs to Reduce Customer Waste - LTX Dispensing Systems
Developing Products & Programs to Reduce Customer Waste

GOJO dispensers are located within schools, healthcare facilities, airports, public restrooms and many other places to reduce the spread of illness by making hand hygiene easily accessible. GOJO completes numerous dispenser installations a year, with a single installation ranging from just a few dispensers to more than 10,000. In many cases, we are replacing old dispensers and historically, these dispensers ended up in our customers’ waste streams and landfills.

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Advancing Sustainable Supply Chain Practices


Advancing Sustainable Supply Chain Practices

Engaging with our suppliers is vital to creating new sources of Sustainable Value. “It is a very exciting time for GOJO to expand sustainability to our suppliers,” says GOJO Senior Director of Global Sourcing, Oscar Uzcategui. “We initially set goals related only to our operations. This time around, we have goals that go end-to-end in our value chain.”

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Steward a Thriving Environment | Reducing Our Environmental Impacts
Measuring and Reducing Our Most Significant Environmental Impacts

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impacts is a vital part of our sustainability work. We look beyond compliance to best practices; we analyze our impacts, weigh the pros and cons of various options and make bold decisions to take action.

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