Elevate Public Health & Well-Being

GOJO has dedicated more than 70 years to advancing the science of hand hygiene and developing safe and effective well-being solutions for away-from-home settings. In collaboration with thought leaders, organizations and individuals, who, like GOJO, are committed to improving health for people around the world, we are able to help reduce infection rates, improve public health and ultimately save lives. We have a long history of working with industry experts, such as professors and infection control professionals, who are “willing to change the status quo and think about things that are different to improve health outcomes," says GOJO Hygiene Sciences and Public Health Advancements Vice President, Jim Arbogast, Ph.D.

Jim Arbogast, Ph.D.,GOJO Hygiene Sciences & Public Health Advancements Vice President

Jim Arbogast, Ph.D.,
GOJO Hygiene Sciences & Public
Health Advancements Vice President

Our founding was based on this very notion. Our co-founder, Jerry Lippman, collaborated with a Kent State University chemistry professor to develop our first product with his knowledge of lanolin, oils, surfactants and creating stable gels. Today, collaboration remains vital to bringing the world’s brightest and most cutting-edge ideas to our product development process. “At the end of the day,” Dr. Arbogast explains, “it’s all about making advancements in public health.”

“it’s all about making advancements in public health.”
GOJO Hygiene Sciences & Public Health Advancements Vice President

We are inspired by our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) to “Bring Well-Being to One Billion People Every Day.” This goal keeps us focused on expanding our reach—both educationally and with our solutions.

Bring Well-Being to One Billion People Every Day

How We Measure: Number of direct uses

Note: Excludes Laboratoires Prodene Klint products.

In terms of hand hygiene delivered, the estimated number of direct uses every day

Elevating Thought Leadership in Hygiene Education & Promoting Public Health

Our commitment to public health and well-being and to advancing the science of skin health and hygiene and promoting its importance is core to who we are. We regularly engage in studies, projects and educational outreach programs promoting public health and healthy behaviors, and we leverage new technologies to support behaviors that improve well-being for people and the environment.

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Partnering to Advance Sustainability

Stakeholder Collaboration—one of our Sustainable Ways Of Working (SWOWSM) principles—helps GOJO to expand our resources and knowledge, learn about new opportunities and create new sources of social, environmental and economic value for our business and our stakeholders. GOJO builds relationships where we can establish common ground based on mutual interests.

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