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The Right Products, in the Right Places

A well-placed bottle, stand, or dispenser encourages everyone in your facility to practice good hand hygiene and can significantly increase the likelihood that people will sanitize their hands. Providing hand hygiene products in prominent, high-traffic areas serves as a reminder to practice hand hygiene and shows your commitment to a clean, high-quality facility.


The PURELL® brand is universally recognized and trusted as a way to provide safe and effective protection from germs,* which lets you take credit for all the things you do to maintain a clean, high-quality facility that prioritizes their well-being.


The PURELL® brand enhances your image by showing you care enough to provide the very best. In a recent survey, 80% of people had a more positive impression of a facility when PURELL products were made available.1

Wall-Mount Systems


PURELL products project a quality image that extends to your entire operation. In a recent survey, 84% of people were satisfied with the overall cleanliness of a facility that uses PURELL products.1

The Difference is Clear:
PURELL® Products Show You Care.

Go Beyond Hand Hygiene

With the right dispensing systems, you can not only promote good hand hygiene with guests, customers, and employees, but also make it easier and more convenient for your staff to provide soap and sanitizer throughout your facility.

The PURELL® Dispenser Difference

When GOJO invented the portion-controlled dispenser in 1952, the groundwork was laid for today’s innovations. From our manual systems that provide durable, reliable performance when it’s needed most, to our most advanced touch-free systems that eliminate battery changes and reduce labor, you’ll find a PURELL® dispenser that fits your needs.

Tools to Use in Your Facility

Use this guidance to place PURELL® products throughout your facility.

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1. GOJO Industries, Inc., Market Research - External Market Research, 007-021, 2014