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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

GOJO Honored By ISSA® Hygieia Network for its Dedication to Creating Opportunities for Women in the Global Cleaning Industry

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GOJO, the inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer and the leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings, was recognized by the ISSA® Hygieia Network with a special award for its outstanding work in promoting the mission of the organization. GOJO received this honor at the ISSA Hygieia Network Awards ceremony Oct. 26th in Chicago.

“Women play an important role in our continued growth and success,” said Marcella Kanfer Rolnick, vice chair, GOJO. “During World War II, the company’s co-founder Goldie Lippman was looking for a gentle, yet effective, way to clean her hands and the hands of her female co-workers in the rubber factories. Our company was founded to meet this important human need, developing the first one-step, heavy-duty hand cleaner. Today, in the spirit of Goldie, we encourage women to continue to innovate, share ideas and inspirations, and lead at GOJO.”

"As a past ISSA President and Founding Hygieia Board member, nominating GOJO for The Special Award was an obvious choice. GOJO continues to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. They are a respected leader in the sanitary supply industry," said Linda Silverman, president, Maintex.

Named after the Greek goddess of cleaning and hygiene, the ISSA Hygieia Network is an international community dedicated to the advancement and retention of women in all branches and at all levels of the global cleaning industry, with special focus on cleaners' advancement. The organization provides ongoing education, networking and professional development to women working in the industry.

GOJO supports the ISSA Hygieia Network through the Women in Marketing (WIM) effort. Started by GOJO Commercial Sales Director Courtney Cooper, this event connects female leaders within the global cleaning industry and allows them to share ideas and network. 

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GOJO, the inventor of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, is the leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings. The broad GOJO product portfolio includes hand cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitizing, skin care formulas and surface sprays under the GOJO®, PURELL® and PROVON® brand names. GOJO formulations use the latest advances in the science of skin care and sustainability. GOJO is known for state-of-the-art dispensing technology, engineered with attention to design, sustainability, and functionality. GOJO programs promote healthy behaviors for hygiene, skin care and compliance in critical environments. GOJO is a family enterprise headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with operations in the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. Learn more about GOJO.


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