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Friday, August 28, 2020

Specialty PURELL® Hand Sanitizer Bottles to Businesses Means More Product for Consumers

Temporary bottles, same formula you love and trust

Statement from Samantha Williams, Corporate Communications, Senior Director, GOJO

The enormous demand for hand sanitizer caused by the ongoing pandemic has resulted in shortages and outages of critical components, including traditional bottles and caps for hand sanitizer. GOJO is finding creative solutions to respond to the exponential demand for our essential PURELL® products through specialty bottles and containers.

Our specialty packaging is getting our essential products to healthcare workers and others on the frontline quicker. At the same time, we are continuing to scale up production with our traditional bottles for consumer and e-commerce retailers. View the temporary PURELL® Hand Sanitizer bottles at GOJO.com/temporary-products.

PURELL Family of Temporary Products

Our traditional iconic bottles are a signal that this is the formula you love, from the brand you trust. So we can understand how the PURELL® specialty bottles may cause confusion, especially since some bad actors are selling counterfeit PURELL® Hand Sanitizer. Here are some tips to verify the PURELL® Hand Sanitizer bottle in your hand is the real deal. The back label of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer bottles should include:

  • Exact language, “GOJO Industries Inc.”
  • PURELL® should always have a registered trademark (either on the front or back label)
  • Drug Facts

In addition, these items should also appear on either the product label or the bottle itself:

  • Lot Number
  • Expiration Date

If any of the above are not present, we recommend not using these bottles. You can also compare the bottle with the product image on GOJO.com – to ensure certain brand elements are on the front label. (The below image shows placement of the back label elements.) If you suspect you purchased a counterfeit product, please call GOJO Customer Service at 1-800-321-9647.

We also are aware that the FDA issued a warning to consumers about alcohol-based hand sanitizers packaged in containers that appear as food or drinks. PURELL® Hand Sanitizer made by GOJO, is not in any container that looks like a food or drink bottle. For 30 years – since we created the first PURELL® Hand Sanitizer in 1988 – we have carefully formulated and tested our proprietary hand sanitizers to kill most common germs, be gentle on skin, have a great user experience, and be safe to use. Our name, PURELL, says it best – we have the highest standards and use the purest ingredients.

Back label of PURELL Hand Sanitizer bottle with information callouts 


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