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Friday, April 10, 2020

Front Lines Prioritized by PURELL® Brand as Hospitals Report Hand Sanitizer Usage at 3-4X Normal Levels, and Pandemic Peak Approaches

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our previous statement on March 22, 2020 has been amended with updated information and details. Please attribute statement to Samantha Williams, Corporate Communications Senior Director, GOJO

AKRON, Ohio – GOJO evolved its pandemic response several weeks ago, in line with direction from government officials, prioritizing shipping PURELL® products to hospitals, first responders and critical infrastructure providers, including grocery stores and the military.  GOJO team members have been working around the clock, seven days a week, producing PURELL® products and shipping them to where they are needed most.

Hospitals across the country are in various phases of the pandemic, with many hospitals in the hardest hit areas of the country already reporting hand sanitizer usage of 3-4X normal levels, but most hospitals still expecting the largest influx of patients over the next 30-60 days.  In light of this, GOJO is extending its focus on priority markets to ensure enough PURELL hand sanitizer, soap, and surface disinfectant is available to front line workers during the height of the crisis.

Continuing to focus on these critical markets does mean that PURELL® products are temporarily less available in other places, including retail shelves and online.  GOJO has received tremendous support for prioritizing those who on the front lines, caring for all of us, during this difficult time.  GOJO is not only responding to the immediate crisis, but is also continuing to add substantially more production capacity so that PURELL® products will be available on store shelves, and also in public spaces like office buildings, airports, restaurants and schools – to help people go ‘back to work’ and ‘back to life’ with confidence.

These efforts to increase capacity include working with federal, state and local elected officials, engaging with other like-minded, purpose-driven companies to increase supply of alcohol, bottles, and pumps, and investing in substantial expansion of manufacturing operations – ensuring GOJO capacity can meet major increases in demand in the future.  These steps will enable GOJO to deliver more PURELL® hand sanitizer, soap, and surface disinfectant in the near term, and also to continue to play its role as a leader in public health.

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