Earth Day is Every Day at GOJO

Fostering a Culture of Sustainable Value

Brittany Darrow


By Brittany Cogdeill

Marking Associate, Canada, and SWOW Team Co-Leader, GOJO Industries

At GOJO, sustainability is inherent to our Purpose – Saving Lives and Making Life Better Through Well-Being Solutions – and is infused in everything we do, from the products we make to the ways our employees work.

This embedding of sustainability into every aspect of our business is called Sustainable Ways of Working or SWOW℠. SWOW℠ is about embracing all three pillars of sustainability – social, environmental and economic – and creating Sustainable Value for GOJO and all the organization’s stakeholders – GOJO team members, customers, suppliers, partners, communities, society and the ecosystem –now and for generations to come.

Our employees play a key role in SWOW℠, and this year to mark Earth Day, we held a sustainability fair at each of our North American campuses to continue to engage employees in sustainability and help them to better understand how each one of our more than 2,500 employees worldwide plays an important role in helping us reach our 2020 Sustainable Value Strategies and Goals.

During the fairs, employees had a chance to share ideas and learn more about what GOJO is doing today to advance our goals, our current sustainability initiatives, and how individuals and teams are taking various steps to incorporate sustainability into their daily work. Employees also had the opportunity to share the ways they are incorporating sustainability into their work on our pledge tree. Here are just a few examples.

Earth Day 2018 Sustainability Pleadge Tree

~ "I will reduce the amount of paper I print by using more cloud resources. I will compost at home."
~ "I will encourage the sale of green products."
~ "I'm proud [that in my role] I help to bring greener products to market!!" 





Learn more about SWOW℠ and our commitment to sustainability at www.GOJO.com/sustainability.

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