PURELL Food Service Surface Sanitizer Test Strips
PURELL® Foodservice Surface Spray Test Strips

The PURELL® active ingredient concentration test strip is the simple, reliable, and economical way to measure the concentration of PURELL® surface sanitizers. It is as simple as dipping one of the long test strips into a small sample of sanitizer. Be sure to use a small dry cup to get the best results. The tip of the test strip has a small square that must be submerged as it reacts to the chemicals in the solution. After removing the strip, wait just 60 seconds and you will be able to determine what percentage of ethyl alcohol your sanitizer has. The included chart at the bottom of the directions has a color coded scale so you can tell whether your solution has the approved concentration amount in order to properly sanitize surfaces.

This simple test strip will make sure you are properly sanitizing your kitchen, dining room, or office. Using a sanitizer with the correct chemical concentration is essential to making sure all the bacteria is properly cleaned and wiped away. (PURELL® Foodservice Surface Spray active ingredient concentration test strip instructions)

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