Webinar: Taking the Risk Out of Your Food Inspections

Suzanne Krippel, program manager for the Food Protection Unit at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, presents ways to reduce inspection stress and employ practical techniques to keep food safe from the common risk factors identified by the CDC.

Discover how a focus on personal hygiene and clean, sanitary surfaces can make a big difference when empowering staff and preventing outbreaks.

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Webinar: Food Safety Management Systems to Enhance Customer Experience

Listen as Hal King, PH.D. and Will Hankla, CSCP, CQA, discuss how leveraging a food safety management system can enhance customer experience and hospitality. The 60-minute webinar touches on key attributes that can improve customer perception. In addition, the webinar provides a model on how to improve food safety management or customer experience at your establishment.

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Breaking the Cross-Contamination Cycle

Hal King, PH.D., from Public Health Innovations, reveals ways to prevent cross-contamination in restaurants. As foodborne illness continues to make headlines and impact consumer perception, Dr. King shares his thoughts on CDC statistics, survey findings and the latest industry innovations to help mitigate risk and establish better practices.

Break the chain of disease transmission with findings from an expert in the field. Read the PDF »

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