Why PURELL® Hand Sanitizer?

Dr. Sylvia Malmacher Kramer, DDS, on PURELL® Hand Sanitizer


CDC Hand Hygiene Guidelines
How PURELL® Hand Sanitizer protects skin
How PURELL® Hand Sanitizer kills germs

Why use touch-free dispensers?
PURELL® Hand Sanitizer shows patients you care

Why dental professionals prefer the PURELL® brand


Dr. Andrea Bell, DDS
Dr. Alyssa Kowolski, DDS
Dawn Gilliat, RDH

Dr. Stephan H. Parker, DDS, MSD

Patients care about cleanliness


What do patients consider when choosing their dentist?
Are patients afraid of infections in their dental office?
What signals a "clean" dental office?

How important is hand hygiene?
Where would you like to have hand sanitizer readily available?

Patients look for PURELL® Hand Sanitizer


What does hand sanitizer use tell us about our dentist?
Which hand sanitizer brand makes patients feel better taken care of?
Which hand sanitizer brand says the dentist is cutting corners?

What brand of hand sanitizer reflects a professional image?

Why patients prefer the PURELL® brand


How do patients describe a dentist who uses an unfamiliar hand sanitizer brand?
How do patients describe a dentist who uses PURELL® Hand Sanitizer?
Why do patients prefer their dentist use PURELL® Hand Sanitizer?