The PURELL SOLUTION™ for Athletic Facilities

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive set of products that fight the spread of germs in athletic facilities. These uncompromising hand sanitizers, hand and shower soaps, and surface disinfection products eliminate the choice between products that are effective and products people feel great about using.

PURELL® Hand Sanitizers & Soaps
Unlock your facility’s potential with an effective hand hygiene solution from the most trusted brand in hospitals. With hand sanitizers that are proven to kill 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness, and hand soaps that remove soils and germs 2X better than regular soap.

PURELL® Surface Products
Break the cycle of cross-contamination in your facility by killing 99.99% of germs on the surfaces athletes touch, from training tables to gym equipment. This revolutionary formulation is effective against 36 organisms in just 30 seconds, including Norovirus, Cold & Flu, Hand and MRSA, and is the key component of our OSHA-approved Body Fluid Spill Kits.

GOJO® Shampoo and Body Wash
Keep your athletes – and your locker rooms cleaner with formulations that clean and care for skin, without leaving residue in showers. These proven, effective shower products are available in reliable, easy-to-maintain dispensing systems that can withstand locker room environments.