Until now, behavioral health facilities have had to choose between infection control and patient safety. The revolutionary stainless steel GOJO LTX Behavioral Health Dispensing System addresses this problem, as well as others, to create a dispensing system that not only helps create a safer environment for patients, it also provides access to proper hand hygiene where you need it most.

Problem: Concerns About the Patient Environment

Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals
Dictates that facilities must follow safe hand hygiene practices to reduce health care-associated infections and address the immediate safety needs for at-risk individuals.

VA National Center for Patient Safety Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist
Identifies potential safety hazards within a facility and recommends courses of action for correcting and monitoring the patient environment.

5 Moments in Behavioral Health Setting paper by Thomas Button
Analyzes the critical need for hand hygiene in patient settings and identifies the World Health Organization’s “5 Moments for Hand Hygiene”.

Unique Challenges of a Behavioral Health setting
Unique Challenges Providing infection control in a behavioral health setting presents a specific set of challenges that current dispenser designs don’t address:
  1. Flat surfaces and gaps create anchor points for patient ligature
  2. Lack of output control on manual dispensers can allow intentional ingestion by patients
  3. Plastic dispensers can be broken and weaponized

LTX Behavioral Health Dispensing Systems - Features
Solution: LTX™ Behavioral Health Dispensing System
  1. Heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel constructions is incredibly durable and eliminates the threat of weaponization.
  2. Sloped top surface and rounded corners help eliminate anchor points and sharp edges.
  3. Robust, barrel-style lock and sliding lock plate prevent ingress.
  4. Protective internal shroud at the output location reduces the potential for ingress and contraband storage.
  5. Time-delayed output control helps prevent intentional misuse of product.
  6. Patented internal anti-ligature mechanisms reduce the potential for self-harm from small diameter objects.

The Right Choice For Your Facility

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