PURELL Single Use Product Family
PURELL SINGLES® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Packs

The brand hospitals trust most to kill harmful bacteria now offers a convenient, efficacious hand hygiene solution that patients can use wherever they are - in areas where sanitizer isn’t otherwise available.

  • Accessible - Even when conventional hand sanitizer dispensing isn’t available, patients saw a 2.8x improvement in accessibility1
  • Preferred - A recent survey showed that 80% of patients liked PURELL SINGLES® packets as a convenient form of hand hygiene1
  • Convenient - 83% of patients agree that PURELL SINGLES® Hand Sanitizer Packets give them the ability to sanitize without leaving their bed1

PURELL Single Use Use Case Groupings

Personal, Portable – PURELL SINGLES® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Packs

  • Point of care and on-the-go staff use
  • Meal Trays: sanitizing patient's hands before they eat their meals
  • Medical kits (IV/Central Line, PIC Catheter, Cardio/Vascular Catheter)
  • Patient Admissions
  • Reception
  • Nurses Station

Hand Hygiene When You Need It

PURELL SINGLES® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Packs combine FDA-required efficacy with the convenience of a compact, easy-to-use hand hygiene solution that can be operated with one hand, in 3 easy steps.

PURELL Single Use Step 1
Position finger on center

PURELL Single Use Step 2
Press down to bend

PURELL Single Use Step 3
Squeeze to release product

1. GOJO Industries, Inc., External Market Research, 003-094 NA AC KDM END-USER PURELL SINGLES IN-MARKET EXPERIMENTS 2018, 28 November 2018