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GOJO Healthcare Infection Prevention Videos
As a Healthcare professional, you may have questions on how your facility can improve hand hygiene and increase compliance. With topics ranging from the FDA’s Tentative Final Monograph to electronic monitoring and surgical scrub, this set of educational videos can help you gain an understanding of these topics and more. Thought leaders such as Dr. Didier Pittet, scientists such as Sarah Wilson, and dermatologists such as Dr. Matthew Zirwas review their research and share their knowledge to keep you well informed on today’s relevant topics.

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Healthcare Worker Hand Hygiene Videos

Hand Hygiene Education for Healthcare Workers
Overcoming Barriers for Hand Hygiene
Hand Hygiene After Exposure to Body Fluid

Hand Hygiene Before Clean Aseptic Procedures
Hand Hygiene Before Touching a Patient
Hand Hygiene After Touching the Patient's Surroundings

Patient and Visitor Videos

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing Procedure for Patients
Hand Hygiene for Patients
Hand Hygiene for Visitors

Other Hand Hygiene Videos

Performing Medical Procedures - Hand Hygiene »
Clinical video from The New England Journal of Medicine