PURELL™ Smart Restroom Solutions

Smart Restroom Solutions

Built on over a decade of IoT data generation and data consumption experience, GOJO is developing industry-leading, innovative restroom solutions by partnering in smart building ecosystems. Most trusted hand hygiene products with scientific-based formulations and advanced dispenser technology, SMARTLINK™ technology provides the critical data needed to be proactive and streamline workflows.

Onvation™ Smart Restroom Management System

GOJO Industries and Kimberly-Clark Professional™ have partnered together to offer a premium Smart Restroom Management System which leverages smart-sensing technology in both SCOTT® and PURELL® dispensers to monitor and analyze restroom conditions in real time.

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The concept of IoT and connected devices is quickly becoming a trend in the cleaning industry to help improve efficiencies and support sustainability. By participating in an industry-first partnership with Kimberly Clark Professional, GOJO continues the life-long commitment to its customers by integrating PURELL® products into the Onvation™ Smart Restroom Management System, designed to help reduce restroom-related work orders, complaints, and waste.

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As part of the Onvation™ Smart Restroom Management System, GOJO offers a portfolio of dispensing platforms equipped with SMARTLINK™ technology to provide the data necessary to turn insights into action.