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Q: Where can I buy product?

A: GOJO sells product through our broad network of professional distributor partners and consumer retailers.

Our manufacturing operations have been working around the clock since January, shipping millions of PURELL® products into the marketplace. At this time, we are only shipping product to those distributor partners that serve those on the front lines who need it most – hospitals, first responders, grocery, and critical government infrastructure.

We are constantly evaluating our capacity against urgent demand and will make products available for other end users as we are able.

Q: My distributor is backordered on the product I need; can I buy directly from you?

A: GOJO does not sell product directly to end users. We are working closely with our distributor partners to meet market demand, which has increased significantly over the past few months. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together to get our products where they are needed most.

Q: How do I become a GOJO distributor?

A: In the current phase of our pandemic response efforts, we are focused on meeting the needs of priority markets through established distribution channels. We are not onboarding new distributor partners at this time.

Q: Is expired PURELL® Hand Sanitizer still effective?

A: Typically, PURELL® Hand Sanitizer products expire 36 months after manufacture. However, some formulations are under review to determine if their expiry can be extended. We always recommend using product by its printed expiration date.

Q: Is GOJO able to supply a donation of product(s) for my requested cause/need?

A: Unfortunately, not at this time. Due to the public health pandemic, all our efforts are focused on increasing production and capacity to ensure those on the front lines, including healthcare workers, first responders and critical government infrastructure, have the products they need at this critical time.

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