The Solution for a Healthy & Productive Workforce

Industrial Workplace Solution The GOJO Industrial Workplace Solution helps keep employees at work and on the job. Our solution meets your facility’s needs by helping to reduce absenteeism,1,2,3 keep productivity up and improve employee satisfaction. Find the right products

Heavy Duty Product Category
Heavy Duty Cleansing

GOJO has created industry leading hand cleaners that work on the toughest dirt and grime. With solutions that clean hands and surfaces, and help skin stay healthy and strong, our products can keep workers at work and productive – and keep your business healthy. From grease and oil to tar and adhesives, you’ll find a product that cleans and cares for your employees, no matter where they work in the facility.

General Cleansing Category
General Cleansing

Even away from the production floor, employees need access to handwashing products. GOJO provides a wide variety of hand washes for restrooms, breakrooms and shower facilities.

Conditioning Category

A proper skin care solution goes beyond just handwashing and sanitising. Routine conditioning helps skin stay healthy and makes it easier to remove contaminants that accumulate throughout an employee’s shift.

Sanitizing Category

PURELL® products kill harmful germs. That means that by using PURELL® Advanced Hand Rub PURELL® Sanitizing Wipes you’re helping your employees be healthier and more productive.

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