Commitment and Progress

Sustainability is an imperative of the GOJO Purpose: “Saving Lives and Making Life Better through Well-Being Solutions.” As we have worked to rise up to the challenge of this imperative, we have learned that what is needed and expected by our customers and other stakeholders constantly evolves. This awareness drives GOJO to continue to create greater social, environmental and economic Sustainable Value.

We’re creating new sources of Sustainable Value for our customers by cultivating partnerships, innovating in our solutions and our processes, and increasing transparency in our communications.

GOJO Sustainability Report
We openly share our practices, learnings and the challenges we have encountered along the way in our annual GOJO Sustainability Report.

Policies and Governance

From products to people, we’re constantly working to drive continuous improvement. We incorporate sustainability into everything we do through GOJO Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOW), which describes the GOJO approach to changing the way we think and work, and it’s deeply ingrained in who we are as a company.

See what makes GOJO a sustainability leader, and learn the values we live every day.

Sustainable Ways of Working

Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOWSM) is our unique approach of integrating sustainability into everything we do. With SWOW, GOJO team members evaluate the social, environmental and economic impacts of decisions and day-to-day work, and make improvements accordingly. This thoughtful consideration results in new sources of value for both GOJO and our stakeholders, including all those we touch and the environment.

There are five core principles that make SWOW work so well:

Leading & Learning
We dedicate ourselves to leading our industry in sustainable practices and solutions while continuously expanding our knowledge and commitment to finding better ones. We are dedicated to leading the skincare category in promoting the health and safety of people while protecting the environment. We do our best within the changing current reality, and we innovate to lead the way.

Proactive Continuous Improvement
Sustainable Ways of Working means establishing ways of thinking and working that drive progress today, while taking into account the needs of future generations. We consider life cycle principles to inform decisions and strive to predict and proactively manage the impacts of our actions. We constantly track, improve, measure and communicate our results.

Economic Responsibility
We use sound judgment, integrity and creativity to make prudent economic decisions that generate a return on investment for our company and stakeholders.

Environmental Management & Compliance
GOJO facilities and operations comply with all applicable government requirements. We establish and maintain appropriate environmental management procedures and pollution prevention measures for the nature of our operations, while identifying and managing environmental risk responsibly. Sensible and responsible environmental management is an objective for every GOJO employee. Our employees are expected to be familiar with and practice Sustainable Ways of Working.

Stakeholder Collaboration
At GOJO, we listen to our stakeholders and purposefully engage in meaningful dialogue to advance sustainability objectives. We seek relationships with a full spectrum of stakeholders to create attachment, accomplish breakthrough results and lower risk. Through stakeholder collaboration, we find common ground and create win-win situations.