GOJO - Skin health and Hygiene Solutions from THE INVENTORS OF PURELL™ GOJO - Skin health and Hygiene Solutions from THE INVENTORS OF PURELL™

GOJO Total Solutions for Skin Care

Whether in acute care, primary care or long term care, hand hygiene compliance is a critical safety issue that is vital for accreditation, reputation and compliance monitoring. As simple as it seems, compliance can be difficult in the context of daily operational, financial and regulatory challenges.

GOJO simplifies hand hygiene compliance through a synergistic approach based on insights achieved by immersing ourselves in your world to discover the true barriers to compliance. Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • Proven effective, yet gentle formulas that people want to use
  • Trusted brands – PURELL® and GOJO® for hand sanitising, handwashing and skin conditioning
  • Easy access to hand hygiene through a variety of dispensing options
  • Accredited programmes to teach and motivate compliant behaviour
  • Dedicated sales team specialising in skin care
  • Free education, training and continued support to raise awareness of keeping the skin healthy at all times
  • Compliance reporting per hospital
  • Strong and close links with Infection Control Teams across UK & Eire
  • RoHS compliant dispensers
  • Products and tools available to enforce five moments of hand hygiene
  • NHS listed products
  • Liaison with key thought leaders
  • Evidence based research reports and poster submissions
  • Continued product innovation

Explore our complete programme and learn how GOJO can help make hand hygiene compliance second nature in your world today.