Community Outreach

At GOJO, we actively support the health and well-being of others within our areas of influence. From products that help reduce illness-causing germs to community support and donations, in the U.S.A., we’re making sure our impact goes beyond our product offerings and affects people in many positive ways.

Job Support for the Visually Impaired
We're pleased to partner with Travis Association for the Blind in Austin, Texas. Travis is a non-profit organization that provides employment for the visually impaired. GOJO manufactures and markets its SKILCRAFT® brand of instant hand sanitizer. This relationship allows us to create employment opportunities for the blind, while expanding the reach of our well-being solutions.

Direct Financial Support
GOJO proudly donates to public health-related issues, community agencies, educational institutions and other non-profit organizations that share our vision for a better tomorrow.

Product Donations
The American Red Cross has received donations of PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer from GOJO during such times of natural disaster as the Gulf Coast oil spill cleanup and the 2011 earthquake recovery effort in Japan.

In 2006, GOJO received the Circle of Humanitarian Award in recognition of the donation of nearly $1 million in hand hygiene products. This award honors companies and individuals whose contributions provide lifesaving support through Red Cross programs.

Donation of Meeting Space
We're happy to periodically make the GOJO corporate headquarters in downtown Akron Ohio available, rent-free for worthwhile community events and causes.

Encouragement of the Participation of our People
Many GOJO employees donate their time and effort to make a difference in the community. Additionally, many of our leaders have taken advisory roles with local universities and civic organizations. The passion of our people for contributing to society in ways that match their talents is part of our mission to create a stronger community.