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PURELL® Perfect Placement for Restrooms

Cleaner restrooms appeal to building tenants and restroom users alike. Help maintain your tenants’ image of cleanliness with strategically placed PURELL dispensers. Placement at restroom exits discourages restroom users from using paper towels to handle doorknobs - then discarding paper litter to the floor on the way out.

Where is the Perfect Placement of PURELL Dispensers in Your Restrooms?

Strategically placed PURELL hand sanitizer dispensers can do wonders for the image of your restrooms. Put them within easy reach right at restroom exits and you'll significantly increase the likelihood that people will use it - and help keep restrooms cleaner.

A perfect placement is as simple as:

PURELL Perfect Placement

PURELL Perfect Placement Step 1

Inside the restroom

PURELL Perfect Placement Step 2

On the wall by the exit door, next to
the door handle

PURELL Perfect Placement Step 3

36" to 46" off the floor

Program Resources

FREE downloads - use them to help implement perfect placement in your facility.

PURELL® Perfect Placement Brochure

Work with your GOJO representative to find the PURELL Perfect Placement in every restroom and enhance your building image. This brochure may help you to get started.


Find the answers to common questions about adding PURELL to your restrooms, including the benefits to your building occupants and an enhanced professional image you work so hard to create.



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PURELL Perfect Placement for Restroom Doors

Real or perceived, people believe the handle on the restroom door to be unclean.

As a result, they use paper towels to open the door and then throw them on the floor.

Download PURELL Perfect Placement Brochure >

Did You Know

The GOJO Lifetime Performance Guarantee covers the pre-loaded batteries in the touch-free LTX™ dispenser. This is the first touch-free dispenser engineered and designed to never require a battery change.1

1. Assumes five year dispenser life in an office building.

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