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PURELL® Advanced Resources

PURELL® Advanced. Ounce for ounce, nothing is better at killing germs and protecting skin.

Become a PURELL® Advanced Member to gain access to our very latest white papers, clinical research, scientific discourse and product updates, including:

  • Full Product Performance and Comparison Information
  • Technical Publications
  • Valuable Infection Control Studies
  • The Latest Fire Code Information
  • A Complete  PURELL Advanced and Hand Hygiene Video Library


Ebola Outbreak Updates

New PPE Ebola Guidelines for Healthcare WorkersRead More

PURELL® Advanced Technical Support

Do you have a technical question related to PURELL Advanced? Support is available by phone from GOJO technical personnel at 1-800-321-9647, or you may submit your technical questions to us.

Did You Know

Studies have proven that using an alcohol based hand sanitizer as an infection control strategy in a hospital setting reduces infection rates by 36%.1

1. Use of alcohol hand sanitizer as an infection control strategy in an acute care facility. Hilburn J, et al Am J. Infec Control 2003; 31:109-16

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