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How Do Customers Shop for Produce?
Have you ever had a bird’s-eye view of how people shop the produce aisle? Do they stick to their shopping list, purchase unplanned items, compare prices? What brings them into the store and helps them make a decision on produce once they are in the section? FMI’s new annual research, Power of Produce, studies consumer shopping behavior in the produce department.
Summertime Food Safety
When I think about summertime, my first thought is all the delicious food—BBQ, grilled fish, fresh watermelon and sweet corn. Summer offers an opportunity for grocers to remind customers of proper food handling and storage techniques to prevent foodborne illness. Here are some great resources created with the Partnership for Food Safety Education, of which FMI is a partner organization, for food retailers to use to better educate shoppers about summertime food safety.
Payment Security Front and Center in Kansas City
Last week, I joined over 100 payments professionals for an International Payments Policy Conference hosted by the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. The two-day conference focused on protecting the retail payments system and included a series of presentations and panel discussions from various industries, including the card networks, merchants, technology solution providers, processors and bankers.
What are FMI’s Asset Protection Plans for 2016?
Recently members of the FMI Asset Protection Council and Risk & Safety Council both descended on our newly renovated headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, to challenge the organization and themselves to “think differently” about tackling critical industry initiatives and continuing to raise the bar in 2016.
Time to Move Forward with Addressing Supermarkets’ Concerns with ACA Implementation
We hope that today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on King v. Burwell will prompt Congress to move forward and the Administration to properly consider needed changes to the Affordable Care Act that are currently impacting supermarket associates. FMI strongly supports the following legislative changes currently pending before Congress.
How Does Your Company Inspire Families to Share More Meals At Home?
With the nomination deadline for 2015 Gold Plate Awards on the horizon (July 31), we think it’s a great time to share learnings from some of our past Gold Plate Award winners.
Managing the Risk of Food Recall to Keep Retailers Happy
There are many ways that suppliers can make retailers happy: healthy options, affordable products, sustainable sourcing, and reduced waste are only a few. What about simpler recalls? Or better yet, fewer or no recalls at all? No one, least of all you, wants a product recall to occur, however they do happen. And while recalls are certainly not easy for anyone involved, how can you make them easier on your retailer? Let’s take a step back to first understand what causes product to be pulled from ...
How 3 Top NCAA Basketball Coaches Define Leadership
While the basketball court is not the grocery aisle, there are some similarities. In both arenas teammates may be between the ages of 17 – 22 years old, new technology and social media are becoming more of a factor and problems arise that need strong leadership solutions. Here are some of words of wisdom from these winning coaches.
Wanted: Supply Chain Expertise
As we build our program, we’re looking for supply chain experts to share your expertise and experience at our 2016 Supply Chain Conference. Attendees expect practical, take-home guidance to help them. Topics of interest to our attendees include the digital future, 3-D printing, on-shelf availability, fresh food from farm to the table, transportation, hazardous waste, reverse logistics and talent management.
In Their Own Words: Supermarket Chef Showdown Winners
Out of 295 recipes, 15 finalists where chosen to compete at FMI Connect, five went home winners and one is the reigning Grand Champion headed to Calabria, Italy for an all expense-paid culinary immersion program for two at the Italian Culinary Institute. See what our 2015 Supermarket Chef Showdown winners have to say in their own words.
Video: CEO of Kudrinko's Ltd. Talks Fresh, Family Meals and Knowing the Customer
In a live interview from FMI Connect, Neil Kudrinko, president and CEO of Kudrinko's Ltd. gives an independent operator perspective on fresh, helping families share meals together at home and the importance of knowing your customer.
The Productivity of Nice
Baseball great Leo Durocher once quipped, “Nice guys finish last,” offering a cultural assessment that a concern for others, putting other’s needs first, and being pleasantly agreeable somehow inhibited the ability to really compete effectively. His summation captured the business and athletic attitude that there’s no place for nice, if you want to succeed. With all due respect to Mr. Durocher, I think he was wrong.
How New Technology Can Make Associate Training Cool Again
I swear it’s true. UFO’s were sited at FMI Connect, or at least they were in the Emerging Technologies to Drive Operational Performance and Associate Behavior session last week. These space visitors, along with a kraken from a refrigerator leak and some dancing bacteria on a meat slicer, were part of a demonstration on how new technology is helping train today’s tough-to-teach food retail associates.
Video: Publix Talks Family Meals, Competition and Innovation
In a live interview from FMI Connect, Maria Brous, Director of Media and Community Relations for the Publix Super Markets talks about helping families share meals together at home, competition and innovation.
Produce Means Business
FMI released its inaugural report, The Power of Produce 2015 at FMI Connect, on changes in shoppers’ produce purchasing trends and behaviors at food retail. The new annual study features a fresh insight for the produce retail industry by highlighting the full path to purchase, from mega trends and pre-trip preparation through the actual purchase and consumption, followed by shopper suggestions to improve the produce department.
“Made in Italy” at FMI Connect
The Italian Trade Agency, a government agency promoting internationalization of Italian companies, today hosted a press conference in the FMI Connect Expo’s Italian Pavilion to launch a U.S. campaign in four major markets to raise awareness of the value of authentic, "Made in Italy" food and beverages.
Navigating Mobile App Options for Independents
The world of mobile apps can be confusing for large companies let alone independent operators. FMI Connect speaker David Ciancio, Principal, Peak Loyalty LLC, provided background on how shoppers’ ubiquitous use of mobile technology is changing the shopping experience and the food retail environment making mobile apps an important consideration for the independent operator.
FMI Connect By the Numbers
Before you get to FMI Connect, we thought you might like to see the numerical breakdown of what to expect. The event starts June 8-11 at the McCormick Center, South Hall in Chicago and it will be the biggest industry event FMI has hosted in years. Each day we see our numbers climbing. Here are the current numbers.
Recognizing Industry Excellence at FMI Connect
Annually, FMI recognizes the community building efforts of industry leaders and highlights the oft-unheralded contributions supermarkets make to their communities. AtFMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference in January, we announced the recipients of the Sidney R. Rabb Statesmanship Award, Herbert Hoover Humanitarian Service Award and William H. Albers Business Collaboration Award. This year at FMI Connect, we’ll announce some of our other industry executive awards including the following
Conversations at FMI Connect
Here are five conversations I am looking forward to having while I am in Chicago at FMI Connect, June 8 – 11. I anticipate our members will have some interesting responses to the 2015 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends data which will be premiered on June 10. The data reaches deep into the multiple factors that are converging to change the way American households approaching grocery shopping and suggest that we are moving from a primary shopper model to a new shared shopper paradigm. I look forward ...

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