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Visa Says it Competes for Merchant Business…Fact or Fiction?
This week, the U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee held a hearing on EMV migration and the challenges small businesses are facing under the liability shift deadline. When the House Small Business Committee announced it would hold a hearing with Visa, the Electronic Transactions Association, a bank and a credit union, FMI, like many other merchant trade associations, expressed concern that the hearing lacked a voice for merchants. We have since been assured that the committee i...
What Food Retailers Need to Know About Predictive Scheduling
So why should you, the busy food retailer, care about a municipal ordinance that affects a single city that you may not even be doing business in? Because this legislation, the first of its kind, looks to be the opening salvo of a barrage of similar “predictive scheduling” or “fair scheduling” bills that could gain steam across the country in the upcoming legislative session.
How to Tie Your Private Brand to Creative Promotions
This strategy also takes some of the pressure off private brands always having to be lower priced on the shelf. By creating unique value-add components to private brand programs, retailers are able to drive trial, differentiate, and build loyalty to their brand and store.
Showcasing Sustainability in Energy and Store Development
Last week at the FMI Energy & Store Development Conference (ESD) there was a clear theme that permeated many of the presentations: sustainability. Consumers are becoming increasingly more focused on sustainability. And grocery stores are listening and responding. Throughout the conference, speakers discussed ways to incorporate sustainable practices into energy, refrigeration and store design. Topics included the generation of HFO refrigerants, recommendations for 50 percent energy reduction, st...
Food Retail Social Media Manager Interview: Leah McGrath with Ingles
FMI research suggests that more and more food retailers are investing in the role of the supermarket registered dietitian (RD). As supermarkets transform into health care destinations, RDs remain critical resources to answer the demands of today’s health-conscious shoppers. Understanding the opportunity for shopper engagement regarding wellness, we chatted with Leah McGrath RD, LDN, corporate dietitian for Ingles Markets, Inc. about how she’s leveraging social media as a tool to educate customer...
Preparing in the Eye of the Storm
Grocery stores often became the choice command centers for crisis professionals during Sandy, providing shelter, power generators, supplies, and of course, food. I heard from our stores up and down the Mid Atlantic where the storm wiped out roads and literally created islands. Our members rated the lack of infrastructure and ease of access as two of the biggest obstacles in getting communities the support they needed. When ice, water and supplies cannot reach the intended destination, it’s ofte...
Congress Prevents a Government Shutdown, For Now
Yes, another shutdown was avoided, but the threat of one caused unnecessary confusion for businesses and consumers. We hope Congress can find common ground and pass a long-term spending measure to avoid the need for a repeat of this exercise in just two short months.
Use Data and Innovation to Match Resources with Need? Sure, We Can Do That
In one short decade, the partnership between the grocery industry and Feeding America has made perishables, such as meat, dairy, and produce much more common items on food bank shelves. This smart and seemingly simple solution is backed by the use of data, innovation and analytics to measure what and how much food is received and where to send it so that it reaches those in the greatest need.
Mars’ Supports Family Meals Connecting Parents and Children in the Kitchen
Participating in September National Family Meals Month is certainly not restricted to food retailers. Winning the 2015 Food Manufacturer Category Gold Plate Award, Ben’s Beginners™ is a national program from the UNCLE BEN’S® Brand that takes an interesting approach to helping families commit to family meals. The program promotes healthier eating habits by providing opportunities for children to learning how to cook. By emphasizing the child’s role in family meals, the Ben’s Beginners™ program i...
Two Days and Counting… EMV Ready or Not
This Thursday, October 1, marks the liability shift date for merchants to be EMV-enabled and for issuers to have chip cards available in the market. As grocers, you know that if you are not EMV-enabled by Thursday, you will be saddled with counterfeit card fraud costs if the card presented is actually chip-enabled.
On the Go? Still Enjoy Family Meals with Ahold USA’s Savory: Fast, Fresh And Easy™ Program
With September National Family Meals Month in full swing, the FMI Foundation salutes the 2015 Retail Category C (200+ stores) Gold Plate Award winner Ahold USA’s Savory: Fast, Fresh And Easy™ program for its outstanding approach to encouraging families to commit to one more family meal at home. Research has shown there are many benefits associated with consistent family meals, such as adolescents being less likely to show symptoms of violence, depression and suicide, as well as being less likely...
Help Shoppers Avoid “Danger Zone” with GO 40 °F or BELOW
Retailers’ commitment to reducing the risk of foodborne illness expands beyond the store walls into the home of customers. With the support of the FMI Foundation and other industry partners, the nonprofit Partnership for Food Safety Education is introducing a new campaign, GO 40 °F OR BELOW, to call attention to the importance of the home refrigerator in reducing the risk of foodborne illness.
Food Retail Social Media Manager Interview: Abby Pemberton with Publix
FMI is starting a series of blog posts that interview social media managers from different food retail companies. We’ll ask questions that facilitate sharing of best practices and lessons learned. Our first post in the series is an interview with Abby Pemberton, social media manager with Publix Super Markets.
How are Brands Celebrating Family Meals?
All month long we’ve witnessed food retailers encouraging their shoppers to commit and “#RaiseYourMitt” for National Family Meals Month™, a movement that is certainly taking hold across the country – from corporate to neighborhood grocery stores. Shopper’s favorite brands are also joining the family meals conversation this month. Below is a snapshot of the social media discussion.
Why Does Family Mealtime Matter to Price Chopper?
As September National Family Meals Month™ reaches its halfway mark, the FMI Foundation is pleased to highlight Price Chopper as our 2015 Retailer Category B (50 – 199 stores) 2015 Gold Plate Award winner. Introduced in 2008, its Family Mealtimes Matter program is a noteworthy initiative for encouraging its family audience to enjoy more meals together at home. Jointly with Cornell Cooperative Extension educators, Price Chopper was able to provide Family Mealtimes Matter as a resource for healthy ...
What’s Cookin’ America?
In my role as a government relations director at FMI, I have the privilege of working on food and nutrition programs that help those most in need. Programs like WIC ensure that moms in-need can deliver on their child’s most basic need—a home cooked meal.
Corporate Executive Liability for Food Safety Violations-Peanut Corp. of America
The sentencing and the associated PCA Salmonella outbreak are especially timely as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) begins its final stage of implementing FSMA. Last week, the agency published final rules on preventive controls for human and animal food. The preventive controls rules are the first set of FSMA final rules being released from FDA, with additional rules to be issued in October and during the first half of 2016.
What Does the Future Hold for your Stores?
FMI’s Energy & Store Development Conference is not shying away from change. In fact, we’ve dedicated an entire morning to future-focused sessions. We want to push your creative limits and encourage you to think outside of the box. Attend these three sessions to learn how changing shopper trends may affect the way you design, build and equip your stores.
FMI Government Relations Overview of the Past Week and Future Outlook
Update on government relations issues facing the food retail industry. It is mid-September, and Congress still has a number of deadlines ahead as we close out the fiscal year. Government funding is front and center with September 30 less than two weeks away. Lawmakers must also address the expiring authorization of child nutrition programs, the timing of which remains uncertain after the Senate Agriculture postponed a scheduled markup this week.
Food Safety is a Must When it Comes to Family Meals
To many the task of preparing a family meal can be overwhelming, even more so if one is not comfortable in the kitchen. Fifty years ago, home economics classes were apart of the regular course schedule of high school students; today, few, if any, high school students are being taught on how to prepare meals in order to feed their future families.

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