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Five Years Later: Swipe Fee Reform is a Success
As a body, the Senate is known for its decorum and more thoughtful collegiality than its neighboring lower body, the House of Representatives. Senators refer to each other as their “esteemed colleague” or “good friend,” no matter how vehemently they may disagree on an issue. When a Senator is impassioned enough to say, tear a bill in half, it certainly attracts attention and turns some heads. So last week, as the Senate Appropriations Committee completed consideration of its twelfth and final ...
Listeria – Beyond the Deli
For retailers, “Listeria,” “food safety,” and “retail delis” are words that commonly go together. However the FMI Food Protection Committee Listeria workgroup is developing recommendations to combat Listeria beyond the retail deli and take the proven control measures to other departments in the retail stores.
Top 5 Stories from FMI So Far This Year
With full inboxes and busy schedules, sometimes we miss things. That’s why it’s good to recap every now and then. With that in mind, here are the top five blog posts from FMI so far in 2015
How Food Retailers Help Maintain the Produce Cold Chain
FMI had the opportunity to participate in a symposium at IFT 15 titled “Cold Chain for Produce Safety: The Status Quo and Technologies to Minimize Food Safety Risk.” For retailers, the produce department is a key differentiator along with other fresh departments. In fact, according to the FMI U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends Survey in 2014, 38 percent of consumers report shopping at a retailer that is further away because of the quality of the fresh food. Consumers want fresh, and in order to del...
More Time for Proper Guidance on Menu Labeling
As supermarkets, FMI members have been challenged with the business implications of implementing a rule designed for restaurants and still face many unanswered questions. FDA’s announcement will hopefully give our members time to get more clarity and answers without feeling rushed to make difficult business decisions by a compliance date previously set for this December.
Photo Friday: 3 Photos of SQFI Having Fun at IFT
The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) had fun this week exhibiting at the Institute For Food Technology (IFT) Annual Meeting in Chicago and talking food safety.
One Supermarket Chef’s Keys to Family Meal Success
With National Family Meals Month™ on the horizon, the FMI Foundation sat down to chat with Foodland’s Chef Keoni Chang, winner of the 2014 Supermarket Chef Showdown family meals category and Grand Champion of the 2012 Supermarket Chef Showdown.
3 Food Waste Innovations from the Food Industry
Innovation gave us the barcode, self-checkout and click-and-collect. As we look to the overarching, complex issue that is food waste, innovation holds the key to solutions that address this conundrum from multiple facets. Here are three, out of the many, food waste innovations created by the food industry.
VQIP: FDA’s fast track for importers
According to USDA Economic Research Service, from 2000-2014 the volume of food imports increased 7.8 percent. FDA regulates more than $49 billion worth of food imports and oversees more than 377,000 food facilities, 154,000 domestic food facilities and 223,000 international food facilities. VQIP is a voluntary, fee-based program and will serve as a means to expedite the process for importers of food who have demonstrated control over the safety of their supply chains.
Best Food Industry Career: Food Systems Auditing
The competencies of an auditor extend beyond food safety, encompassing a broad range of interpersonal skills, including the capacity to communicate to people at all levels and the ability to collect objective information through effective interviewing, listening and observing. Above all, auditors must commit to the highest standards of professional integrity and ethical values
Navigating the Supermarket Myth Maze
Ever been in a disagreement with a colleague and when presenting his views, he launches into a tired old hydra-headed argument filled with exaggerations and misrepresentations that you’ve heard, refuted and dismissed many times before? I find it infuriating and I honestly don’t know which is more offensive -- the lack of originality being foisted upon me or being thrust once again into the internal debate of deciding whether to weigh in, and if so, which of the half-truths to tackle first, whe...
Food Banks and Supermarkets: Natural Partners
Both food banks and supermarkets play vital roles in local communities, and now, more than ever before, we have joined forces to help make sure those who need food the most have access to it. The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Feeding America have recently reached a more formalized agreement of recognition and collaboration. The acknowledged history of synergy between the two organizations has been given a new structure to encourage and enable even greater connections among FMI members and F...
What We Can Learn from Country of Origin Labeling and the WTO
Perhaps the most frustrating part of this process – which has dragged on for more than six years – is that some of COOL’s most vociferous supporters are expressing surprise at this turn of events. For the food wholesale and retail community, the WTO’s decision is not surprising at all – we predicted this very outcome as far back as 2002, when Congress passed country of origin labeling into law. It was clear from the start that COOL was poorly designed and violated our obligations under the rul...
From Coupons to Community: Food Retailers Can Do Social Media Better
Recently at Future Leaders @ Connect three food retailers, Publix, Associated Wholesale Grocers and Hy-Vee, shared tips and strategies for how to use social media to build communities. In summary, the communications and marketing professionals on the panel stressed the following:
How Do Customers Shop for Produce?
Have you ever had a bird’s-eye view of how people shop the produce aisle? Do they stick to their shopping list, purchase unplanned items, compare prices? What brings them into the store and helps them make a decision on produce once they are in the section? FMI’s new annual research, Power of Produce, studies consumer shopping behavior in the produce department.
Summertime Food Safety
When I think about summertime, my first thought is all the delicious food—BBQ, grilled fish, fresh watermelon and sweet corn. Summer offers an opportunity for grocers to remind customers of proper food handling and storage techniques to prevent foodborne illness. Here are some great resources created with the Partnership for Food Safety Education, of which FMI is a partner organization, for food retailers to use to better educate shoppers about summertime food safety.
Payment Security Front and Center in Kansas City
Last week, I joined over 100 payments professionals for an International Payments Policy Conference hosted by the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. The two-day conference focused on protecting the retail payments system and included a series of presentations and panel discussions from various industries, including the card networks, merchants, technology solution providers, processors and bankers.
What are FMI’s Asset Protection Plans for 2016?
Recently members of the FMI Asset Protection Council and Risk & Safety Council both descended on our newly renovated headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, to challenge the organization and themselves to “think differently” about tackling critical industry initiatives and continuing to raise the bar in 2016.
Time to Move Forward with Addressing Supermarkets’ Concerns with ACA Implementation
We hope that today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on King v. Burwell will prompt Congress to move forward and the Administration to properly consider needed changes to the Affordable Care Act that are currently impacting supermarket associates. FMI strongly supports the following legislative changes currently pending before Congress.
How Does Your Company Inspire Families to Share More Meals At Home?
With the nomination deadline for 2015 Gold Plate Awards on the horizon (July 31), we think it’s a great time to share learnings from some of our past Gold Plate Award winners.

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