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Celebrating Family Meals
To celebrate family meals and kick off this month long movement, we’ve launched a consumer website with resources and fun ways to get involved. Visit for more details and look for updates on social media using #FamilyMealsMonth and #RaiseYourMitt.
Celebrating with Leftovers
We've all got them. Containers pushed to the back of the refrigerator, cans in the pantry providing the foundation of the tottering lego of food items on the shelves and perfectly good mystery packages of food whose original purpose has long been forgotten. Now there is an imaginative and tasty use for those odd, ignored food items that have been sitting in the cupboard like the playthings on the island for misfit toys. They can be the genesis of a tasty, palate expanding adventure. With a lit...
Turning our focus toward “Feeding the Future”
In a thematically crucial scene in the movie Dead Poet’s Society, instructor John Keating – captivatingly played by Robin Williams – shocks his literature students by leaping atop his desk telling them that he does this “…to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.” Then, in a maneuver hauntingly revisited in the film’s final scene, Keating invites his students to also stand on his desk, sharing in this adventure of viewing life from a refreshingly different vanta...
September is almost here—Have you planned your Food Safety Month activities yet?
September 2015 marks the 21st National Food Safety Education Month. The focus of National Food Safety Education Month is to educate and increase consumer awareness on the importance of proper food safety practices. Communicating food safety information to consumers can be challenging. Consumers expect the food they purchase is safe. Sharing food safety information, such as proper preparation and storage techniques, with customers helps ensure the safety of the food continues once it leaves th...
What Makes a “Best Seller” in Private Brands?
The moniker “best seller” is often used to tout and elevate a brand’s status on the shelf, and for many shoppers, it is a purchase motivator. For private brands, the “best seller” category is something to aspire to, but if you’re a brand owner, you often find yourself competing with your own shelf space. What’s a private brand owner to do – or at least that’s a question I often ask of my private brand community. Here are some questions that you can use as thought-starters in your own company.
Inside Collaboration 2.0
Collaboration 2.0 is FMI’s multi-year initiative, developed with Market6®, to help the grocery industry improve how grocers and suppliers work together around key shared business processes. I sat down with Market6® to dig deeper into what Collaboration 2.0 is all about.
Looking Ahead at 2016: Business Building Opportunities One at a Time
In the food retail business community, there is intense competition among product manufacturers to reach food, drug and mass retailers. FMI aims to create a wider collaboration network that’ll allow suppliers both small and large to connect with individuals responsible for making business decisions.
Photo Contest: Member of Congress Grocer Store Tours
As elected officials return to their hometowns during the August recess, it is a great opportunity to invite your members of Congress to tour your stores and distribution centers. Take a photo with your lawmakers and share it with FMI, and we’ll enter you into FMI’s government relations photo contest.
New Coordinates on FMI’s Map of Food Retail Worries
Each year, FMI’s The Food Retailing Industry Speaks’ report captures the top concerns confronting the food retail industry in a popular feature called the Worry Index. This list is more than a simple list of current industry issues, as it is also something of an anxiety GPS, tracking the emotional state of the industry. The 2015 top ten list of worries (reflecting their impact in 2014) saw a few traditional anxieties lose intensity, some old concerns return and some new alarms surface. This ye...
What Policy Gridlock? August Recess Begins with a Full Schedule Ahead
Thursday night's GOP debate marked the end of the presidential primary preseason, just in time for the beginning of the congressional August recess. On Wednesday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the chamber would not hold any more votes for the week, postponing consideration of cybersecurity legislation (S. 754) until after the recess. The House already adjourned for the district work period last week. Both the House and Senate are scheduled to return after Labo...
Video: FMI's David Fikes Talks Changing Shopper Values
David Fikes, vice president of consumer and community affairs and communications with the Food Marketing Institute recently spoke to the National Press Foundation about how the values of today's shoppers are changing their shopping habits. Watch the video to learn more.
It’s A Bird! No A Plane! No An Apple?!
According to the recent Power of Produce research, I’m not alone in this careful selection of produce behavior. The report finds that in the produce purchasing decision, appearance and ripeness are more important than price for shoppers. I can relate. I love New Jersey Beefsteak tomatoes—that crunch when you bite into a slice of it. If the tomato is too soft, I don’t care for it. Same with apples—are they new crop, fresh crop or older? Does the apple have a crunch or a soft mealy feel? I have my...
Kings Food Markets: Leading Shoppers To Better Health Through Family Meals
The FMI Foundation is proud to see a growing number of FMI retailer and associate members join the family meals movement by pledging their commitment to helping families share one more meal at home per week. Chief among these supporters is FMI retailer member, Kings Food Markets, whose enthusiasm for fresh, convenient, healthy meal options shines through in their approach to family mealtime solutions. In anticipation of National Family Meals Month™, we interviewed Executive Chef Bill Hedge to ge...
IdeaXchange: Food retailer as marriage counselor
FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2015 contains the rather compelling statistic that 83% of U.S. adults report they have at least half the household responsibility for grocery shopping. The fact that 203 million people claim the status of primary shopper, when there are only 123 million households in the U.S., clearly indicates that the ratio of grocery shoppers per household has moved from 1:1 to nearly 2:1.
Five Years Later: Swipe Fee Reform is a Success
As a body, the Senate is known for its decorum and more thoughtful collegiality than its neighboring lower body, the House of Representatives. Senators refer to each other as their “esteemed colleague” or “good friend,” no matter how vehemently they may disagree on an issue. When a Senator is impassioned enough to say, tear a bill in half, it certainly attracts attention and turns some heads. So last week, as the Senate Appropriations Committee completed consideration of its twelfth and final ...
Listeria – Beyond the Deli
For retailers, “Listeria,” “food safety,” and “retail delis” are words that commonly go together. However the FMI Food Protection Committee Listeria workgroup is developing recommendations to combat Listeria beyond the retail deli and take the proven control measures to other departments in the retail stores.
Top 5 Stories from FMI So Far This Year
With full inboxes and busy schedules, sometimes we miss things. That’s why it’s good to recap every now and then. With that in mind, here are the top five blog posts from FMI so far in 2015
How Food Retailers Help Maintain the Produce Cold Chain
FMI had the opportunity to participate in a symposium at IFT 15 titled “Cold Chain for Produce Safety: The Status Quo and Technologies to Minimize Food Safety Risk.” For retailers, the produce department is a key differentiator along with other fresh departments. In fact, according to the FMI U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends Survey in 2014, 38 percent of consumers report shopping at a retailer that is further away because of the quality of the fresh food. Consumers want fresh, and in order to del...
More Time for Proper Guidance on Menu Labeling
As supermarkets, FMI members have been challenged with the business implications of implementing a rule designed for restaurants and still face many unanswered questions. FDA’s announcement will hopefully give our members time to get more clarity and answers without feeling rushed to make difficult business decisions by a compliance date previously set for this December.
Photo Friday: 3 Photos of SQFI Having Fun at IFT
The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) had fun this week exhibiting at the Institute For Food Technology (IFT) Annual Meeting in Chicago and talking food safety.

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