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New Year, New State Legislative Sessions – What Grocers Need to Know
FMI monitors over 80 issues at the state level. Currently, more than 7,000 bills have been introduced for discussion this New Year. To help prepare for this onslaught of state legislative and regulatory activity, FMI releases the 50 State Legislative Outlook every January.
Top Trend in Fresh Foods: Transparency
More than ever before, consumers want to know where there food is from, what is in their food and even how their food will impact their lifestyles over time. The pressure to convey this information is especially relevant to supermarkets’ fresh departments, which recent FMI research demonstrates is continuing to grow and will continue for the next three-to-five years.
Ensuring Data Quality for the Information-Savvy Shopper
Data quality makes consumer transparency in the supply chain possible. However retailers and trading partners today have to balance consumer expectation with business efficiencies. From reducing product damages to improving warehouse operations and traceability, retailers and suppliers today can enhance data quality to improve supply chain operations and satisfy consumer demands.
10 Findings on Fresh Prepared Foods in Grocery Stores
New research from FMI and Technomic, The Sophistication of Supermarket Fresh Prepared Foods, finds that as supermarkets become increasingly skilled in food service, this decision for shoppers becomes more complex. The study details the sophistication of supermarket fresh prepared foods among 28 banners, representing 8,000 stores, and substantiates the $15 billion growth of supermarket fresh prepared foods over the last eight years. The study finds that most stores (64 percent) witnessed 2014 pre...
Today is the Iowa Caucus, Tomorrow is Groundhog Day
Today, February 1, is the day of the Iowa Caucus, a day when Iowa voters meet in their various electoral precincts or “caucuses” to begin the process of electing a nominee for the Democratic and Republican parties. While Iowa only represents a small percentage of the delegates to select the parties’ nominees, the Iowa Caucus is the first major event of the presidential election. Next week, voters in New Hampshire go through a similar process to cast direct votes to select nominees for their resp...
NEW Competitive Talent Strategies
Employees want to make connections; they want community and digital experiences that enable both their business and interpersonal relationships. They want to personally relate with their company’s mission statement and contribute to a greater purpose. While these aren’t necessarily new desires, according to a Network of Executive Women roundtable collocated at the FMI Midwinter Executive Conference, executives from some of the most iconic brands and global consulting firms revealed that these em...
Be a Future Leader in the Food Retail Industry
We recently brought together current food retail leaders who are dedicated to the idea of growing today’s professionals into tomorrow’s industry leaders. This group, comprising the Future Leaders Committee, worked to develop a program that equips the food retail industry’s current and future leaders with powerful education, development and networking opportunities to confidently deliver company and team success now and in the future.
FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference by the Numbers
Here’s a breakdown of our upcoming Midwinter Executive Conference by the numbers.
The Role of the Futurist in Grocery
To help us examine ways to shape our own futures and explore the trends in today’s marketplace, we’ve invited Sheryl Connelly, one of the most-recognized futurists in the world, to join us at our upcoming 2016 Midwinter Executive Conference. She shared a few insights with me ahead of the event.
What I Hope FMI Can Do for You in 2016
FMI has been enhancing all the ways we reach out to you. Through webinars, an improved website, newsletters, our new Voice of Food Retail blog and the FMI News App with its new push notification feature, we seek to help you separate the wheat from the chaff and find the information you need to have when you need to have it. Through committee calls and emailed updates, the FMI staff seeks to help your team take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves, prepare for the bumps ahe...
Dietary Guidelines + Grocery Stores = Wellness Destinations
This new dietary guidance is in opportunity for food retailers to remind consumers of their health and wellness offerings as a way of supporting shopper’s dietary efforts. FMI has a number of resources and research reports on how grocery stores can be health and wellness destinations for shoppers. Here are a few.
4 Types of Classes You Can Take Online from FMI
I’ve got a couple of big New Year’s resolutions. First, I’m committed to putting together top-notch education experiences for our signature events including the Midwinter Executive Conference and FMI Connect. Second, I’m challenging our education team to push the boundaries on developing programming for our FMI conferences. Last, I always like to have a resolution that helps me improve myself—perhaps professionally or personally. With that in mind, I thought I’d share four types of unique online...
FMI Store Manager Award Winners: Where Are You Now?
With the recent launch of our 2016 Store Manager Awards program, we wanted to share inspirational stories from the professionals on the front lines through a series of interviews with past Store Manager Award winners. We’ll ask questions focusing on them – their experiences with the program, new opportunities they’ve been able to pursue since winning the award, new achievements, and any significant changes in the store they manage and in their community.
2015 Year in Review: Top Stories across Asset Protection, Private Brands and Supply Chain
Total Store Collaboration is a strategic pillar at FMI and is directed at helping members compete for share of stomach, share of wallet, share of talent, and share of capital. It’s befitting that stories related to asset protection, private brands and supply chain ranked as the most popular Total Store Collaboration blogs in 2015, offering perspective on the latest trends and ways to improve store operations.
2015 Year in Review: Top Stories in Government Relations
Government relations activities in the food retail industry had significant cross-over with the Food Safety Modernization Act and other regulatory issues, such as chain restaurant menu labeling, but blog readers in 2015 were much more interested in the challenges associated with employees, country of origin labeling requirements and payments systems.
2015 Year in Review: Top Stories in Food Safety
The regulatory landscape in 2015 offered innumerable opportunities to help FMI members navigate the intricacies and implications surrounding the Food Safety Modernization Act. Food safety remains a number-one priority for food retailers and FMI has committed to helping its members manage risk.
2015 Year in Review: Top Stories in Sustainability and Fresh Foods
From hot topics like food waste to research insights into consumer shopping behavior pertaining to fresh foods, FMI’s sustainability- and fresh-food-related blogs offered actionable insights to help grocers improve and strengthen business operations and align with consumer demand.
2015 Year in Review: Top Stories in Consumer Affairs and Health and Wellness
FMI executed some exciting campaigns related to consumer affairs and health and wellness in 2015. As the champion for feeding families and enriching lives, FMI launched a national campaign that encouraged more mealtimes at home using items from the supermarket and also built complementary programming to demonstrate how the grocery store is a wellness destination. FMI continues to defend the reputation of the industry and serve as a spokesperson on industry issues.
2015 Year in Review: Top Stories in Research and Education
As 2015 comes to a close, we took an opportunity to look back at what sparked our readers’ interest this past year on the Voice of Food Retail blog. We’ll present the top blog posts across categories over the next few days. Thank you for reading and please subscribe to the Voice of Food Retail blog for more relevant content in 2016! As the first installment, we look at our most popular posts related to FMI’s signature research and education. A common theme remains operational performance; puttin...
COOL and the WTO: Are We Finally At the End of the Road?
There are lessons to be gleaned from the road we’ve taken on COOL, not the least of which is that government needs to work with and listen to industry as it seeks to regulate areas where it has little expertise and specialized knowledge. As the FDA moves forward on menu labeling regulations, and other agencies look to impose new rules on our industry, let’s hope that they learn from the experience of COOL. Twelve years is simply too long a time to walk down a road that leads you nowhere.

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